30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner – Test – Review – Results – SIMPLE, EASY and NO SCRUBBING NEEDED

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danriley1980 says:

I used to buy this expensive stuff but then after I read the msds I found out that 30 seconds cleaner is nothing more than chlorine with salts, so I now buy 5 litres of chlorine for $5 instead of 5 litres of 30 seconds cleaner for $28, and the chlorine does a great job of cleaning everything for a lot cheaper

Angela Childers says:

I’m gonna have to give this stuff a try! Hoping it will remove splatter from deck stain off siding.

Cici Bradley says:

MSDS says it’s 5% sodium hypochlorite (bleach) in alkaline salts. Regular household bleach is 5%. (You diluted it to a 2.5%) Says it contains a secret non-hazardous ingedient of up to 10%. Remainder water. Bleach isn’t good for paint is it?


This stuff works it’s simple as that, thanks for your review!

Katacus says:

You can put the van on craigslist and sell as new!

ShowMe says:

FYI. Using a pressure washer completely invalidates the test of 30 second cleaner. You should have used a garden hose, that would actually tell us how effective this product is, instead of how good your GAS pressure washer is.

noeleen falkner says:

Hi can i use this on my cottage 40k from Cedar Creek at all thanks

Alabama Thorne says:

Good review. I have to clean mildew and grime off a 400ft white wood fence.

Timotheus157 says:

Good job showing us, good buddy. Safety note for everyone: Always use eye protection, such as safety glasses or goggles! Proper gloves are also good practice.

D Littlefield says:

I wish I had taken before and after pix! This stuff rules! My house looks like it did 12 years ago when the vinyl siding was originally put on. Thanks!

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