A Bleach-Free Way to Whiten Your Laundry With Lemons

Want whiter clothes? Turn to lemons to naturally break down those tough stains! Lemons whiten laundry naturally so you can avoid bleach and other chemicals that can pose a health risk.
Just about everything looks good in bright white—couches, towels, sheets, jeans, button-ups. There’s just something minimalist and chic about it. And when it comes to clothes, while certain colors can wash out certain skin tones, white flatters pretty much everyone.

The one downside? White fabrics get dirty and dingy really quickly.

But just toss the offending item in the washer with some powerful bleach, and voila, those yellow sweat stains are gone, right? OK, this strategy might work, but it comes with another problem—it’s not the safest. Bleach is not only poisonous when ingested, but using it even in your laundry routine can exacerbate asthma, and cleaning with it has even been linked to respiratory illness in children.

Thankfully, we’ve got a totally natural substitute that will have everything from white sheets to bath towels to T-shirts looking brand new again. It’s lemon juice to the rescue!

Citric acid is the natural compound inside responsible for lightening and brightening—and it’s as effective as conventional fabric whitening products. Add a mixture of ¼ to ½ cup lemon juice (ideally, fresh) and 1½ cups hydrogen peroxide to the load along with detergent to brighten dingy whites. Be careful to separate out any colors, though—like bleach, it could cause them to fade.

An added bonus? Your laundry will smell citrusy and fresh!

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Sunil J says:

What’s after detergent, is it softener?

esteban corral says:

Hydrogen Peroxide is non chlorine bleach. bleach just means whitener.

antipatiko mmm says:

Did not work.  I even tried the overnight lemon thing with similar negative results.  Whites were no brighter either.
Also the math is not adding up.  Mix 1/2 (half) cup of lemon and 1-1/2 (one half) cup of peroxide (note that this equals to 2 cups).
Then it says, add 1/2 cup of the mix after detergent.  Soooo what happens to the leftover 1-1/2 cup?  If not needed, then why even make it?

pukito diaz says:

Oxalic ba un hydrogen peroxide

shaikh S says:

does anyone tried it?

SHA1 Studios says:


jeremiah white says:

Imma add baking soda too.

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