Behr All-In-One Wood Cleaner #64-N /Review and How To Use

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RedneckResponder says:

Yeah, I’m not scrubbing that whole wall. I’ll be getting a sprayer too.

chrisn365 says:

Tons of work, I tried this product. Didn’t work very well.

Lonesome Crow says:

The directions says to wet the wood first then apply the solution.  You would have been a great camera man for the Blair Witch Project.

Jim Shell says:

Why not just use bleach and water mixture, have you ever tried that?

Matthew Lavergne says:

Good to see that the woodprix has new instructions to save my money and energy to build it.

Adkins Mikkelsen says:

Check WoodPrix instructions if you’d like to make it better and cheaper 🙂

rafa106900 says:

I just use this product on my deck and scrubbed but then the wife said rinse with the power washer. instead of garden hose, I was hesitant about it because it might ruin wood, but used it at low setting and it came right out and left the deck like new.

Cher M says:

should be wearing gloves though.

Kevin Trusheim says:

Look…POWER WASH THE WOOD FIRST!  While still wet, spray the brightener on, keep wet w/ h2o 10-15 minutes, then lightly rinse.

Doug Burns says:

Maybe you should have used it full strength instead of 1:1.

Conner Monier says:

You can use WoodPrix instructions to build it yourself guys.

GreenFlow USA says:

That’s a lot of scrubbing! Check out our Green Ox videos when you get a chance for an easier way to revitalize weathered wood. Also, your channel rocks!

Denisa si Mihai Ghizaru says:

Does anyone know if this product is damaging the trees. Our deck we want to clean is next to a pine fence and we do not want to loose the trees.

P Taylor says:

I hated this. Kept having to spray to keep wet like directed. Scrubbed like crazy. Took so much solution & work for a small section of fence that I stopped. Not worth the time & effort. Going another route, definitely.

Egor Dyachenko says:

This time I’ll use woodprix instructions to make it myself 🙂

archersfriend says:

Lots and lots of work. Better you than me my friend.

Cher M says:

looks beautiful, lots of work there. good on you.

Temujin Khan says:

Expensive product and looks like you are killing yourself.

Pol Cat says:

Why does the heading say #64-N but you are using #63?  #64 is a neutralizer.

RedneckResponder says:

LOL you may be the only!

Mazarie Lee says:

just use white vinegar, it will clean faster.

Shi Yehudah says:

only concentrated bleach works more effective and cheaper. wet a small area and let bleach stand for 10-15min and wash clean

richard michalko says:

wasted money like I did.. should have kept the receipt, brought back the empty bottle that did nothing..yeah, keep something else..

Hodgin99 says:


Brandon Davis says:

Thank you so much I have been looking for something to restore my fence with and I found it

Cher M says:

do you have to use a spray application? my project is a deck, 3 years old and never been stained.

Maida Dutcher says:

Check woodprix handbook if you want to make it cheaper and better.

Efrain Sanchez says:

Bleach and water with your sprayer no scrubbing

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