Black Magic Ruined Westley’s Bleche-Wite

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Kevin Johnson says:

I have a classic bottle of wesley’s….$20

Aj Vanderpool says:

Zpurple power is wicked stuff. Your tires don’t even look dirty in the first place

Martin DeNiro says:

I’m sure I still have some legit Westley’s in the garage or basement….. loved it for my old white letter tires, now need it again for the new knobby RWL Coopers I got on my Tahoe. Thanks for doing the comparo, but honestly part of your issue might be your tires seemed pretty clean already 🙂

Tony Vera says:

turtle wax wheel and tire cleaner works excellent!!

Christopher Theus says:

yes…I’m still using….the Original Bleach White……I’ll be very disappointed if I can’t get anymore here in Dallas tx……Toxic isn’t a Strong enough word for it, it will chock you if you breathe it. Thanks for the Video

hobertjr says:

you need some Flash Brown royal

Kellen Jackson says:

I use Simple Green all wheel tire cleaner

Tracy Wagers says:

I have the new and improved black magic bleach white at work it does not work

Drew Clark says:

Mighty boss at full strength Mightyboss Mlticlnr128oz

Melón malone says:

Super Clean 5:1

olmangolf says:

I still have some of the original Westley’s Bleche- Wite. I used it today and I noticed how toxic it is. I think there is more acid in the old Westley’s-Wite.

Alex California says:


Isaac Pulliam says:

Last human garage sir I don’t know what you’re doing but even though black magic took over with that tire cleaner, it’s really affective on white walls, I’ve used it on them many times down here in Houston where people take pride in their vogues. Purple power takes tire cleaning to a whole another level. I used one bottle to clean a guys BMW and his tires were so dirty I had to agitate them 4 times a piece to get them clean so the shine will stick to them. That’s the key, clean tires or else the shine will dry out.

dan o says:

after the first time i watched this video i ran down to the garage to see how much was left of my half gallon jug and it’s more than half full. dated from 2006. so it looks like i’m good for a while. did you know this stuff is great for cleaning winter floor mats. squirt it on wait a few minutes and rinse it off.

Adam Hands says:

Greased Lightning!!!

humbuckerpickups says:

When Westley’s leather and vinyl cleaner was taken over, it was ruined too.

Edward Gerhardt says:

Are you sure your tires are even dirty? Hard to prove what is good or better, when your tires are clean……..

1impalaman says:

I noticed this as well. The old stuff was really strong. It kicked ass.


Dam I didn’t notice that until I seen this vid and just looked at my bottle and sure as shit now I see why I have to put more elbow greese.

Vin Mar says:

back in the 80’s, the original formula was known to peel the clear coat off alloy wheels.

Brad the Pitts says:

My older bottle of Bleche White says do not allow it to contact aluminum, magnesium, or painted surfaces. Your rim is definitely aluminum, painted, and has a clear coat. Even most modern chrome and/or polished aluminum wheels have a clear coat. So Bleche White is suitable for ONLY classic cars with stainless steel hubcaps, and old-fashioned chrome wheels such as Cragars.

It may be possible that the new formula which you say sucks is suitable for use on your wheels, and maybe this is why it sucks compared to the old formula.

(I could not find a label with the Black Magic version)

Eightbanger says:

The problem is people like you acting like your gonna die should you breath it in and throwing words around like toxic, it’s those very attributes that they took out for the snowflake generation, this is why the product no longer works.

olmangolf says:

You can also try dollar store brand oven cleaner on your tires.

Budget car audio says:

wow didn’t noticed anything until the he noticed the named change 2 years later…… black magic is here and westley is dead… things change for the better you could have got cancer from the shit they probably used back then…. be thankful….

E Combel says:

Dude, you probably saved half the hair on my head. I used the last of my Westley ab a month ago. I picked up the Black Magic without noticing the change. When the brown didn’t run , I was scratching my head, wishing I hadn’t thrown out the old bottle. I’ve been through 5 different cleaners trying to find what I had. Dozens of videos looking for something similar. Pulling my hair and wasting money. You just gave me an “OH WOW” moment. Thanksgiving for the help!!!

luvyourself 1st says:

this will fade your vogues foreal

NorfolkSouthernProductions2000 says:

Try Griots products they actually work

shaeet says:

Meguiar’s Hot Rims (purple/pink bottle) works just as good as westleys original bleche-white on tires, and its safe for using on painted wheels.

2damnkwik says:

you need to wet your rims down first

shawn cordeiro says:

yep back tires are always dirtier and now what about the water spots on your vehicle from the sun ?

jin gingo says:

Elbow Grease in any UK Supermarket. Great for Cleaning tyres. And cheap.

Kustom Life says:

In the 70s My dad had wide whites on his Merc. We used Westleys a stiff brush and SOS pads.

jose713 says:

Wait you dont even have white walls wtf

Ismael Carrillo says:

u have more wheel than tire. try it on a pickup tire

Jerrod Smith says:

What r u doing u don’t even have white walls or white letters

Dadee3 says:

Super Clean >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

tonycombo says:

If your tires were not dripping any brown than they were not dirty. I love this product even made by Black Magic. It works great for me and I can see a dark brown puddle forming around my tires when I spray it on. what brought me to this video was I was looking up the product on Amazon and I found the Westley’s brand and it was going for over $200 for a 32 oz bottle which blew my mind. I’m satisfied with the Black Magic brand, it may be a little more diluted but I think it works very well. I usually have to go over my tires a few times and add water to my brush to keep it sudsing up.

Mark's Reviews and RANTS says:

I used it in the 80’s on my white walls.

Belford Lancaster says:

Westley’s Bleche-Wite went to hell as soon as Black Magic took over. I use “Shout” advanced grease busting foam (Laundry Stain Remover) in the Aerosol can. It works better than anything else I’ve tried.

SvoStang 84 says:

couldn’t agree more. check out my video for the perfect Westley’s replacement!

Superior Finish Auto Reconditioning CLOSED!! says:

I do this for a living and I have used just about everything out there over the years. Nothing worked like I wanted…. so I found what DID work and made it my own (with permission). I’ve been my Every purpose cleaner full strength. the brown stuff runs off BEFORE you even hit it with a brush. Like the other guy said… Alkaline cleaners are best. Purple Power (and most consumer grade crap) is watered down. IF you are interested, hit me up and I’ll send you a link.

ethiopianeyes says:

Get Krud Kutter cleaner degreaser. Melts dirt off tires like nothing. Expensive tho. $8 at lowes. Its in a red & white bottle.

AcceleratorMagazine says:

I have been using the tire cleaner for over 30 years or longer…whenevr it came out. Owning a small car magazine and over 200 cars, trucks and bkes I have washed a lot of tires. I read back then that the brown stuff was dead rubber. Who knew? Unless the tire has obviously been in mud every brand of tire evidently deteriorates at a different rate. I just went outside to check and I have the Black Magic version. My wife and I washed 3 or 4 vehicles the other day, her Audi Q7, a2001 Prowler, a Chevy HHR and a limo with Michelin Limo Radials. The Michelins gave up very little brown stuff. The Audi a bit more. The HHR , cheaper tires and parked under a carport and not inside, quite a bit. The Powler, which we recently bought, with tthe original Goodyears stained the concrete so much stuff came off. One thing I noticed is that you have very low profile tires which equates to less surface area and looked like they didn’t even need cleaning and for any tire cleaner to work you have to use a pretty stiff tire brush to get down to the “new” rubber. But, like you, I hate it when I find a product and get used to using it and they change it o up their profits. Not saying this one has changed , it still works for me and still rough to breath, but maybe it’s your tires and you look like you take good car of your vehicle so maybe so good that he rubber doesn’t have time to go brown. The Purple Power is the best I have found to clean wheels, especially the brake dust but do only one wheel and tire at a time. Our youngest son ruined a brand new set of aluminum wheels on her ’79 VW convertible by spraying all 4 and let it set for who knows how long. So do each tire and wheel preety quick. Anyghing that works is strong and depends on a brush to work right… neither is just a spray on spray off deal. And NEVER use Aluminum Brightner on coated wheels, which is on all vehicles since late 70’s. It is acid for running boards, wrecker beds and big truck wheels. At least you took the time to make a video and millions have never heard of Bleche White so they just keep spraying shiny tire treatment on their tires over and over. L8r. rick.

rome seveneightsixnine says:

the brillo pad never fails too…..

Denise Hamer says:

Black Magic is crap!! what ever happened to Westleys??

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