Bleaching Soccer Boots – Does it clean brand new?

Cleaning Nike Mercurial Superfly IV with Bleach
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Logic301 Vmg says:

+EIAL Would this work on my neymar jordan hypervenom phantom as well ?

Franki Romero says:

its cool

Lucas says:

What’s the best fake cleat/boot u have seen

Euan Mccuish says:

nobody actually do this is stupid

timtim 06 says:

can u do a vid on the fyygame purecontrol 17

Franki Romero says:

I am going to try that

JogeWoge says:

What’s the song at the end?

JOSHVlogs !? says:

how many times did he said actually?

Redmond Dennehy says:

Can you please do a review on the hypervenom floodlight pack or Nike vapours CR7 from fyygame. Great vid

- sxuceda says:

You should try cutting the dynamic fit collar and see if using a lighter will connect the collar back together other then just cutting the collar and leaving it like that.

Sebastian Irigoyen says:


iSoccerz HD says:

Instruction unclear drank all the bleach

Cindy Pope says:

Do a review on the new replica puma evotouch from fyygame

CHE says:

kids in africa could of drunk that bleach

Emir Gicic says:

Pfff ,waste of bleach….

Could have drink that.

No hate broXD

Walla MC says:

Dude why do you premote fake boots

Tom says:

Hot water and baking soda

Canelo Alvarez says:

Mmmmmmmm tastyyyy

Ryan McSweeney says:

Put rocks into the boots if you don’t want them to float

Hiep Nguyen says:

This is more of a how to clean with bleach

joe Sap says:

what happened to your boots?

Nurul Sakinah says:

I thought Bleach is for drinking.

Alfie Green says:

can you do the new honeycomb upper hypervenom replicas?

Jenson Homiak says:

My names Jeff

Leather Boot Room says:

If you touch the bleach, nothings going to happen to you…..

Joel Williams says:

just put a rock in the shoe

ronak says:

Question: would this work on nike/mercurial vapor 8?

Brandon Meribe says:

I thought it would go white

Skill Kickerz says:

Vanish is a very good substance to clean your boots

Daniel Walker says:

I love that colour way for the superbly 4 I wish they were still selling them

ItzEnder says:

it worked!!!

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