Boring, Scrubbing a Sink using Comet with Bleach. Video Recorded with Samsung HMX-F90

Disclaimer: A VERY boring video of me cleaning my sink.
This was the first time I’d scrubbed a sink using Comet cleaner. I recorded this video using a Samsung HMX-F90. Unfortunately, the more I view my indoor recordings.. the more I realize that the quality is about average. I think my Lumia 520 Windows 8 phone takes similar indoor video quality.

My samsung camcorder really is better at outdoor or well lit rooms. As you can see in this video, the recording is kind of blurry. I put this on a tripod so the recording is pretty steady.

NOTE: I am not advertising Comet. I just wanted to try any cleaner to clean my sink and this was the cheapest thing I could find at the dollar store.

Comet was able to remove most of the stains but some really hard water stains still remain in the sink.

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (


1020Shane says:

your wench cleans a good sink.

Zearoth Dasoon says:

I love how you gasped when you dropped the sponge in the garbage disposal. “Nooo, my sponge!” XD

Jennifer Gregus says:

why is she breathing so loud? Jesus christ, you’re cleaning a sink, not running a marathon. lol

oldskool228 says:

Bar keepers is good.smells chemically and its not as soft ajax and comet.will scratch your sink.

Critique808 says:

Doesn’t this scratch your sink?

Deajene Horne says:

it’s scatch free

fran g says:

I’m just here for the scrubbing sound

Linda Franco says:

Like someone else commented, Bar Keepers Friend.. and use a really generous amount scrubbing with a green Scotch Brite pad will most likely get your sink shining.

rayray66 says:

do u kno if i can use comet in my lemonade if i dont have any sugar left?

Sofia Yaqoob Gul says:

plz bar keeper used

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