Clean Up Woman.. Cleaning Supplies That Really Works For Everything $10
The Clean-up Woman is the woman who keeps a clean house with products that will clean 99.99% of everything in your home for a fraction of the cost…. $10.00 wow!

Mean Green (gallon) $5.00
LA Awesome 64oz. $1.00
Pine Sol 40oz, $3.00
Any Bleach $1.00


sheri larkins says:

That’s wut i’m talking bout my guh lol bleach, mean green, pine sol is all gud products. I remember hearing of the LA awesome. Ik it gud thou if u using it cuz uk ur stuff lol. Virgos believe in cleaning :-))

Graciela Espinoza says:

Thank you so much for the tips! My husband and I moved into our new house, and the carpet is horrible!!!!

Gloria Salsman says:

Would that work for a area rug, how would that do with a rug doctor that I can rent from Walmart? When we bought this house there was light tan carpet, so I tryed to clean it shampoo it , but after I got done , it smelled like old dog, the carpeting the living room we had it taken out, but the office still smell, I have tryed the cleaner design for the cleaner, but to me it still has a order to the carpet, and I have a new puppy and I am training it to go out side, she is getting good about going outside, but we paid a lot of money for the large rug that’s in my living room, and last night a soured smell came up, around my chair, I know it’s not my chair, because used Murphy oil soap on it, and it’s clean, so what did you use againon your carpet? Did you use hot water or was it cold water? And did you go over it to get the cleaner out?

LivingEclectic says:

This made me want to clean everything! TFS!

mr poole says:


kristen salas says:

Thank you so much merry Christmas

Roseshall Crowe says:

Thanks for the tips on how to clean your carpet. How can I eliminate suds?

susan yee says:

Great idea about pouring a little bleach down the sink drains!  Thanks for the great tips….and I’m a huge Pine-Sol fan!!!!  Glad to learn about the others that are cheaper, too.

tracy Byers says:

thanks Sonya, I have the La Awesome, and it is awesome !!. However Im wondering if it will remove cat urine and oudoors Im at my witts end. Im afraid to use it on carpets or my microfibre lounge as im afraid of ring marks, and the stains are large. and im sure its on my lino also. any suggestions Sonya. God bless from Australia.

lorain isra el says:

Remarkable. Thank you so much.

lovey hernandez says:

What are some good vacuums you would recommend to clean your carpet stains?

lalathaqueen100 says:

Love these videos from u, especially the car wash video, LOL Thanks for Sharing!!

Antionette msgermanblackmix Bennett says:

I have a Kirby vacuum/ carpet cleaner I used awesome to clean my carpet because that Kirby cleaning solution is expensive

Ada Nouhou says:


bowler8 says:

I was told by a builder that those tablets you put in your comode, will cause damage to the comode parts

Peter Hewel says:

Mean Green and LA’sTotally Awesome are both butyl based degreasers with a pH of 12+. They are super heavy duty, but super toxic. They WILL strip color, just like bleach, because they have a pH similar to that of bleach. I use them in professional cleaning, or others similar products, but they are used at dilution ratios of 1:16 to 1:64 for almost every situation. They are used with eye protection, latex or vinyl gloves, and proper ventilation. They are also thoroughly rinsed. Congratulations, you have discovered some of the most environmentally unfriendly degreasers there are. The industry is moving away from them because they are toxic, though they do work well.

bowler8 says:

anyone who has a tv that takes over the room…has no taste

Guppy Freak says:

Yeah, pour straight bleach into the water supply. Your community and your health will thank you!

Lori H says:

Hi Sonya. I have an idea. Not sure if its a good one. I use baby wipes to clean my skin especially when Im sweaty. The kind you get at the 99c store are good. They come with a plastic container with a slot on the top. I was thinking you could mix your mean green and pine sol in the container and then put paper towels inside the container to soak up the solution. Then when your ready to clean you can pull a paper towel through the plastic container hole and clean with that. Kinda like a cheapo deapo clorox clean up wipe.

Angela Simmons says:

Thank you my carpet is killing me so ready for spring cleaning and I have a dog 🙁 will be using your tips.

bowler8 says:

vinegar and water in a spray bottle to clean the counter tops

DebDeb P says:

Great video and great tips! I already went out and purchased the products you mentioned…anxious to clean my carpet. Well done!

datChicNikkiBoo (the dime saving diva) says:

Lol thought I was the only one who used bleach in the toilet bowl………lol……u should do a video on your daily cleaning habits…..or a home decor tour……great job… to ur channel loving your videos…….stay blessed

Arlene Gooding says:


Critique808 says:

I put bleach in the toilet tank and garbage disposal also. It kills the mold, mildew, algae, and germs.

click411 says:

I will try Mean Green.  I use awesome  and its great but makes me cough so much

heavymechanic2 says:

Hi: can you tell me what model carpet machine you use?.. Just did all my carpets last week. It took me all week to move the furniture, let it dry, vacuum and move on to the next area. That Mean Green stuff is awesome and its super cheap in the gallon size, I use in in the laundry on my work clothes LOL

Dods Rot says:

Hello, I know you like to save money so I thought I would share something that I have known to work. If you place a liter bottle full on water in the bowl above your toilet. It saves you water by not filling the entire thing every flush

bowler8 says:

a commode is the toilet not the cistern that holds the water

vietnamemperor123461 says:

does this can work or apply on wooden floor? And what about stain dirty door in you bedroom and offices?

Missy Mixon says:

horrible to breathe all those chemicals
one of the top things that lead to premature aging
I use one mix
un concentrated dawn dish detergent

Michelle Stewart says:

what dollar store are you purchasing this LA Awesome from?  I totally love the dollar store, but there are many of them in my town by many different names.  Any help greatly appreciated.

Yanick Moravia says:


Enjoy Today says:

i love using awesome it even works on hot cheeto red stained fingers too just saying.

L Jay says:

I originally watched this video around 6 months ago and it saved me lots of money on carpet cleaning supplies that did not produce the results it promised. My carpet was horrible I could not believe the results I got with the mean green and awesome it cleaned every single spot in my carpet. THANK YOU CLEAN UP WOMAN

MrTruthteller123 says:

um, no.that is not a 7,000 dollar sofa. sorry, it’s just not. 

The L.Z Show says:

how much goesin the bottle


I’m so happy I found this video!! I absolutely love cleaning!! I’ve even adopted my mom’s motto which is, “If it doesn’t smell like Clorox, it isn’t clean”. LOL. You’ve found a new subscriber!!

dsgreen5 says:

Hi Sonya, thank you for these great tips.  I have a red stain on the carpet in my car that I’m going try to get out today.  However, I really feel that baking soda / vinegar is better for cleaning toilet bowls and your sinks.  I really try to clean as naturally as I possibly can.  Bleach is really toxic to the environment.

Belinda McDermott says:

I stumbled across your channel last night and I must say, I like You!

palomares266 says:

Can you use the awesome or the mean green on granite countertops? Looking for a good cheaper alternative than the granite cleaners, they are pricey and don’t seem to clean all that well.

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