Cleaning a stained Primeknit upper: Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Zebra (Jason Markk, Magic Eraser, OxiClean)

So if you watched my review video of the Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Zebras, the left shoe came stained with some black ‘dirt’ on it from Yeezy Supply. This is my cleaning video that I’ve attempted to make to, hopefully, clean up the stain on the white primeknit upper of the Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Zebra..

Instrumental produced by Chuki (


LiamNorgate95 says:

the fuck is a no-vice lmaoooo

Alex Kurbiel says:

Sorry man but what the fuck… no-vice? It’s pronounced n-a-vi-s

FreakComputer2001 says:

crep cleaner….?

Tito Xen says:

best way is save in the box

I One Two Far Q says:

Crep works the best. My cream Yeezys got dirty asf and I scrubbed with crep for 10 min and everything came off

Gio Gazor says:

what about the bottoms of these?? way to clean them?

DesiredHeadshot says:

I would let the spray soak in for a little bit so that is gets into the fibers.

GTX 1080 says:


Olivier Morton says:

Great video, unbiased and realistic. Well explained and pretty details. Thank you.

YanksFann660 says:

Go get crep protect

Inner Sole says:

Honestly I wouldn’t use the magic eraser, it acts sort of like a sand paper. I know that it is a bad thing to use it to clean retro games since it takes away the surface of what it is cleaning.

Point Blank says:

use toothpaste bruh

mrswolls says:

You got to let them soak in oxi clean powder for a few hours not just rub it with a tooth brush homes. U can get that stain out

LuLu_Vlogs says:

just get crep protect, not spray but the “cure”

Slim._._.Jesus says:

my friend is selling me these for £30 and he only wore them like 3 times but he said it has dirt all over them

MJD says:

Fake yeezys?? YES

Permitted_ says:

My cream yeezys were dirt straight out of the box as well! Did you purchase from a reseller?

Zair Williams says:

This review is iterally ass

Dr Magicboner says:

wtf fuck that eraser get the magic boner…

petr says:

lol people mess em extra up with chocolate and clean it and you cant get that little stain out

Dylan Pierce says:

What if I frayed the upper please help

Payton Smith says:

What was the instrumental?

This one Person says:

Paint would probably hide the rest of that stain if you do use this method make sure your research and find the right paint

ToastyE (Returning Soon) says:

haven’t even worn my zebras and theres a black stain on the stripe -_- i must have dirty ass hands

Rj Soriano says:

use dish soap

Vertixdotio says:


Bardino Joyner says:

When I tried to clean my yeezys I didn’t have any of the materials talked about in this video except the toothbrush but I did have some some resolve carpet cleaner so I decided to use that and I got even better results on even worse damage so I suggest people try that

David Johnson says:

I use jason markk but there is still a small visible dirt stain still visible. Help

Billy Dalton says:


Damian Cartiglia says:

1. you should always use cold water because heat locks in stains.
2. initially, you should dab and press it. soak a cloth in oxyclean and press it into the primeknit.
3. a premium brush really does make all the difference. it won’t damage the material no matter how hard you go and it has never failed to remove scuffs and stains for me.

lmk if you figure out how to clean stains and scuffs on the midsole because that’s what I’m struggling with rn.

Squad Activities says:

“do ur research” fam this is my research
regardless heres a sub

野所浩輩 says:

thanx so much!

Jaime Puebla says:

Hey, I recently stained my zebra yeezy sad well, I sprayed them with crep, you think they’ll be fine if I just use a crep wipe???

Linda Cathleen says:


UncleChuck504 says:

I had the same stain on my left shoe as well. I simply rubbed it out with a baby wipe.

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