CLEANING GROUT | Baking Soda + Peroxide Vs. Clorox

Hey you guys, I wanted to test out 2 different methods of cleaning tile grout to see which came out cleaner! What did you think?

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Noha Khairy says:

Honey I just love your cleaning videos so motivating I actualy watch them while cleaning but could you give a routin or tips to keep the house always clean I really have a difficult time keeping up with that

Nao Radix says:

It’s just floor tile – so warm water alone works. I use a Mr. Clean sponge and nothing else.

Nancy Rinkers says:

I agree they both did well, but for convenience I would use the bleach….faster for me is better!

Maan Asilom says:

Thank youuuuu!

Kiere Hoyt says:

Thanks for showing this.! I need to do my kitchen floor and I can’t afford to pay for a professional to do it so I needed some ideas. This was very helpful. I will just get down there and do it myself.

TopChelsea Girl says:

I enjoy all your cleaning videos, they make me go and immediately clean something!

Carter Stevenson says:


Eileen Fuentes says:

I love videos like this

Living Even Keeled says:

I love a good side by side comparison.

Marie V says:

I would just say however to go the hydrogen peroxide and baking soda route as opposed to the bleach since bleach is caustic and will eventually break down your tile to the point it needs to be eventually replaced. But glad to see something more natural work just as well!

Grace Caudill says:

Lysol toilet bowl cleaner works amazing on grout! I haven’t tried these though, but I will

Richard Portelli says:

The peroxide and baking soda looks very messy and does not look worth the bother.

veronica carlson says:

I have a big tile area and this looks like it would take forever and be a big mess to clean up. Oh well, can’t avoid it.

TruthorFiction says:

So pleasant to hear American voices on how to videos, good job! I have been in construction for 40 years so here are some of my thoughts. The labor intensive hard way is to use a grout removal tool, scrape out a millimeter or so, then re-grout it. I use clorox clean up most of the time but keep in mind, the % of chlorine in that bottle is only about 1-2%. the rest is water. You can get 12% chlorine from pool supply stores which will do a faster job but also more aromatic.

skylark304 says:

what you need to do is to put wax in the grout and leave it . after 3–4 days , clean floor as usual and you will never see the grout taking the dirt. once the wax is on them , any liquid will be dispersed. please TRY IT

MIA Micro-FLIGHT says:

The cleaner and bleach from Clorox, is excellent at removing tough grout stains. WHY? because it whitens the grout, as it cleans it (color grout that has been darken by dirt will regain its natural color and may be a bit lighter even depending how long you leave the clorox cleaner on the grout surface). It can be an eye nose irritant though, when working indoors without ventillation. But this is the way I do it except with a powered back and forth tool and customized tooth brush holder and windows and doors open. Toothbrush bristles (hard) are better than large bristel brushes. WHY? because small finer bristles can get to the porous grout surface better and will actually lift the dirt instead of simply rubbing on it, as a large brush or mop sponge does, when regularly cleaning floors. Best way also is on your knees and tile byt tile. Not easy but when you are done you will notice a huge difference as oposed to simply mopped or even commercially brushed cleaned grout, it is worth it!. This is how floors were cleaned in then old days and although there are better cleaning methods for different types of floors, for grout nothing beats a hard tootbrush with the proper solution line by line, rags for dirty lift up, wash, water rinse, water rinse and dry. Steam cleaning is a waste of money!

epilektric says:

This study has no control. You should have done a third test with just water and the tooth brush. Maybe scrubbing is enough to remove the dirt and discoloration.

Tina Bean says:

The baking side and peroxide makes an even bigger mess to clean up, and it’s half as effective as bleach products.

Tiffany dawne says:

Works best to use the toothbrush to apply the hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, then let it sit for a half hour and then you just need a wet cloth to remove it. When you do the toothbrush scrubbing during application your making sure it really gets into the surface and then it gets the chance to sit and work in this deeper surface. I would love to see a whole floor cleaning video. Love side by side comparisons this was awesome thank you.

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