clorox bleach tablets will make a mess of toilet flapper

all toilets have a sticker in tank,,, do not drop tank tablets,they can do damage to rubber parts of toilet


Brian Shieh says:


S Sam says:

Never seen a flapper that tore up.

DC Rickerson says:

Good information, thank you.

Over50TXtech says:

Great advice Steven, but Yuck anyway.  Keep up the good work.

Josiah Hanna says:

Wow, never seen that before! I’ve never been a fan of putting cleaners in the tank anyway.

DENNIS N says:

Thanks for the heads up I never used them just a few drops of bleach once a month

Thatlinuxnerd says:

Gotta tell my mom that is why ours is leakin 

teh60 says:

I’ve never seen one like that Steve. Didn’t know those tablets could cause that much damage. Thanks for pointing that out.

Fireship1 says:

The bleach goes in the bowl, not the tank. I guess they know that for next time. Looks like the rubber got cooked.

– Jack

hanky97007 says:

I hate those damn things and yelled at my wife to never buy or use another one. I should have made her replace the flapper.

Volusia-ev says:

That flapper looked like a pierced nipple! LOL

STLbluesfan1 says:

Since I had to change the flappers in all of my toilets twice in one year, i installed a fluid master flush’n’sparkle bowl cleaner into all of my toilets and told the housekeeper that I installed those and not to use those tablets because I had to replace the flappers every 6 months instead of every 3-5 years.

needmorediesel says:

Yea run into that quite a bit, not quite as bad as that though man that thing is toast. Those things are bad for toilets. I also really hate those blue pucks. Makes rebuilding a tank a pain in the ass having to scrape all that blue gunk out of there.

Veteran legionary says:

Thank you for using Clorox Bleach!

Harry Dickson says:

Thanks for the info Steve did not know that

steven lavimoniere says:

clorox bleach tables will make a mess of your toilet 

Stephanie Shearer says:

thanks I will never buy those things again. I only used it twice. but never again

Dwight Bennett says:

Why do you wear gloves? To keep your fingers from turning to mush with Clorox!

gerry mcadams says:

Wow Steve looks like she might of put more than one at a time

Dunn Plumbing llc says:

That flapper doesn’t look too bad haha

thurm101 says:

Didn’t know that. I will take mine out soon.

John Smith says:

Alcohol and oil can also damage rubber. I remember when I had a cheap set of hoses on a gauge manifold for HVAC work, so I left the pressure in the hoses after disconnecting it from a system, and in less than a day, the internal rubber ring on the low loss fitting swelled up 5X and it wouldn’t stop blow off anymore!

paokoma says:

They put chloramine in our water out here and we have to use chloramine resistant flappers. How were the other gaskets & seals in the tank? I think if you’re going to use bleach, its best to pour a mixture of it and water down the overflow tube and let it sit in the bowl’s rim overnight. It’ll clean-out the rim channel and ports.

Brad1237202 says:

Thanks for the “heads up” Steven!!

3beltwesty says:

Crochet ball in the toilet. That is what an older buddy of mine did as a kid in the 1950’s. The ball swelled up and of course got stuck. The story goes the plumber had to remove the toilet and set it outside in the sun and days later bore holes in the ball with a brace/drill.  Odd story to pass on. 

SuperAceuno1 says:

That hasn’t ever happened to mine and it hasn’t helped anything either, I have a black toilet, sink and tub and its hard to keep them looking clean so don’t make my mistake, The comode has been getting a white film the past couple of years, I suspect its the lime they use to soften the water

efman2k3 says:

That thing must have been leaking for quite some time. Thanks

Phillip Groom says:

Good information !

JH HVAC & Plumbing says:

Wow Steve I haven’t seen one that bad before that’s crazy

Ryan Dugger says:

Ah you stole my comment when you named the brand.  I was gonna say thats a kohler 3in flapper.  Not a huge fan of Kohler but at least they did not reinvent the wheel when they came out with their larger trap toilets.  They do have that flush tower crap now though.  I had a lady on a remodel who loved bleach way to much.  She scrubbed down all here brand new fixtures with it and dumped a bunch in the toilet tanks.  After the handles from the American Standard faucet blew off  (literally turned it on and blew off the faucet) and the 3rd new flapper she finally got a clue.  It was probably mostly the crap metal they use on the stem nuts for the faucet but im sure the bleach sped up the decay.  Was brand new and completely corroded.  Got to love contractor supplied home depot fixtures and ladies and their cleaning products.  Its the plumbers fault!  I ended up giving her a high end Delta replacement I had in stock just because she was like 80 and had a bad day.

Straycurrent says:

I think Clorox also damages washers around the tank bolts and the bolts themselves.  Just a bad idea all around.

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