Clorox Scrubtastic Review: Does it Work?

Clorox Scrubtastic is a 300 PRM power scrubber that can clean around the home. How does it work and how does it compare to the Hurricane Spin Scrubber and Turbo Scrub? Here’s my review.

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jim perkins says:

No. Stupid. No cleaner than I can do by hand, much faster.

Carol Binnie says:

Brilliant review James. I can’t wait until I get the Turbo Scrubber. Question for you, how much better do you reckon the 400 RPM, would be compared to the 300 RPM ?

shreddder999 says:

Mr. Clean is using a Clorox product???

Sue Elvins says:

I appreciate this as I’ve been looking at what can assist with basic home cleaning and this seems to fit the niche. Lower back damage isn’t allowing me to do a lot so the review is quite helpful. I have subscribed for further reviews.

orlendatube says:

did you try the corner brush (the pointy one) for this scrubber?

Duane Brodnick says:

Great review! I’m seriously considering it. One question. How long does the initial charge last before it begins losing power?

MC Squaggle Building things says:

They have extra sponges

mark40511 says:

No way I would buy this ……You’re going to use as much effort with it as you would if you were scrubbing the bathtub by hand. I think spraying scrubbing bubbles all over the shower, then waiting/rinsing is best.

Petepdx1 says:

Just got mine a couple of days ago and it works well on tub and counters. Can the head piece be submersed in the toilet for scrubbing?

Willie StudyYourself Vargas says:

thank you so the awesome videos, plus for a regular house cleaning the scrub or the turbo seems to be fine , thanks

tom brit says:

scrubtastic review: to sum it up in one word ”JUNK”  they give you a holder  to hang the scruber while charging or to
store it. They show putting this hanger on your shower rod if you have one. Shower
doors don’t count then the scrubber will fall out and will not stay put. The holder
will not support the scrubber or fasten to a wall where it can drip on the
floor allowing you to slip. Hopefully you have a power outlet to plug the
charger into close by. I took it back to the laundry area to store it and add a
drip bucket.

Carol Binnie says:

Try vinegar & bicarbonate of soda in a freezer bag, Tie it to your tap, sorry faucet, & that should help to descale your tap + Freakin’ Reviews

Amway Business Owners says:

Great review! We’re deciding here if we get it for our apartment in West New York. We believe that the soap used is an important element to complete the task in a shorter time. We use the famous L.O.C. Multipurpose Clraner from Amway and it does most of the job. As you may know they use L.O.C. to clean NASA spaceships too. Everybody knows Amway is famous for its high quality. We get it at and so far we can’t complain.
Again, Great Review!!!
By the way, which camera did you use? Nice shots even when there was backlight.

Kathryn Crook says:

Now I want one of these. My oven window is terrible and we have such hard water, our windows are white from buildup. Gotta get one! Hoping Rite Aid sells these.

Carol Binnie says:

Which one do you think is the best between Turbo Scrub, Hurricane scrub & Clorox Scrubtastic , + Freakin’ Reviews ?

CommittedToTheIndian says:

Is anyone else having trouble changing out the brush heads? Maybe I’m missing something, but I put in the initial cone head on to clean my tile grout and then wanted to put the large head on to clean my tub but every time I pull the cone head off the black piece comes with it… Anyone else having this problem or am I not removing it correctly?

icashsystems says:

I just purchased for 36.99, from Amazon, Timin Scrubtastic. Clorox must not have a copywrite on the name. It is pretty much identical to the other battery operated scrubbers on the market but i do like two things about it. It has lithium-ion batteries (not metal hydride) so it’s lighter with the same power and it comes with three brushes, a small cone, a large half round and a large flat brush. We’ll see how it lasts over time.

Evillincoln says:

appreciate the review my man. honestly though, I think CLR or Simple Green would be a much better cleaning agent. like…. MUCH better.

mlperkins says:

Thank you for the thorough review.

dandeleona says:

Great reviews! Sorta unfair to use bleach products to show cleaning ability. Bleach does pretty good all by itself with no brush at all. Upcoming reviews use non bleach products or no soap product at all to show how scrubbers work alone. 🙂

Elyse Ward says:

Hello, How long does the battery last in this unit compared to the Turbo and Hurricane? I would love to see a comparison against the Turbo since you like that one better!

H i says:

Softscrub w bleach is a terrible household cleaner. Besides it turning everything yellow eventually, you will also get really bad bleach stains on clothes or whatever it touches. Bar keepers friend is my go to cleanser for everything.

Ian Daniel says:

He said this works for light-moderate dirt. What about for heavy stains/dirt? What’s the advice there? Cuz I got a shower that has some serious stains on the grout. Thanks in advance folks for the help

Deena Putzier says:

I bet your wife likes you reviewing cleaning products, lol

Jim Battaglia says:

I bought a similar device from QVC A few years ago and only used it once as it had a small brush and when cleaning the shower I was always looking for water to remove the soapy residue. It is a pain to continually wipe it off as you go and does not make my work easier

J'Ray Samuel says:

After I watched your review about the turbo scrub 360 I bought mine. I’m pretty happy with the results. It helps to maintain a clean bathroom without the need to bend my back or scrub hard. I have one question though, if I need to replace one of the brushes due to overuse, where can purchase the brush from?

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