(Disastrous) Review: Sparkle White Teeth Whitening Kit || Whitening my teeth!

Hey, at least they are whiter? That’s something. haha

Their website is www.whitewithstyle.com
If after my review you are still interested in trying out the Sparkle White Teeth Whitening Kit, use the coupon code “snyckerss28” so you can have it for $28.

I’d rather recommend you try this:


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What’s your real name?
– Inês Snyckers

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– I was born August ’92

Where are you from?
– I’m Portuguese/German, but was born in Portugal.

Where do you live?
– I’ve been in Sweden since the end of 2012. 🙂

Why Sweden?
– My Fiancé is Swedish!

What languages do you speak?
– Portuguese is my mother tongue, I’m fluent in English and getting there with Swedish (meanwhile, my German gets worse by the day).
I have fairly good understanding of Spanish and French too.

Is YouTube your job?
– Not by any means.
I work for a large cleaning company, but these days I’m mostly a personal assistant to an elderly lady!

How often do you upload?
– Every time I can!!! Having a set schedule is impossible, but I try my best, and *usually* do 2-3 videos a week. 🙂

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Darius Ferdynand says:

I agree with you! This product is like the biggest scam ever! They pay several models on social media to advertise their product with the exact same slogan: ,,I just tried bright whitening and the results are amazing and I had zero sensitivity!” Everyone post exact the same phrase and then post a photoshopped picture of their smile. I tried this product too. 30mins, 60mins, with the tray, without, with the gel without, for 2weeks everyday. I did not notice any change at all.

Mady Cortez says:

i just tried mine for the first time and the light shocked my tooth twice

Zappy And Colors says:

You sound like Gal Gadot! <3

tanguy 999 says:

Hope you recover your teeth 🙁

Leandra Medrano says:

Oml your so cute <3

Rosalio says:


Kylee Robin says:

That has nothing to do with the treatment. I have a mark on one of my tooth’s but it’s from your teeth not from the treatment

Marina Bertschinger says:

You dont ouse the Vitamine A thats maybe the reason because its burns.

Mileyka Pizarro says:

you accent and voice are similar with Gal Gadot’s oh my

CodeAlphaSix says:

Shine bright like a diamond 😉

Nora Wilson says:

did you brush your teeth before using it ? . that’s very likely to happen if you don’t brush first

Xx_Cristian_xX says:

Are those ur real dimples?

Roshan Andradi says:

look at her dimpals like ths comment if u have dimpals i do

Tmac says:

Dude watching u try to mold your mouthguard was frustrating lol just throw it in the boiling water for 30 seconds and take it out and put in your mouth immediately it will shape it alot better

Dark Chocolate says:

Well I bought this exact kit recently from amazon and wanted to get a quick review. Thanks for the video I am definitely going to try this kit because i want white teeth for my wedding which is in like 3 weeks! I did hear that the products causes white spots and that it will go away.

Amy Olivia says:

Is her tung in 2 halves?

I am fucking your waifu and there's nothing you can do about it says:

Is her face naturally dented like that or are those piercings?

Lyka Bakyzle says:

Wow, U’re so beautiful… and cute ❤

Jill busby says:

Your teeth are pretty

FightNight Channel says:

Thank you very much

Crys Pardo says:

those spots could be caused by exces fluoride or eating things that are to acidic which eats away at your enamel. The sensitivity will always vary when i used to work at a dental office and we did the zoom whitening some patients were able to handle the highest setting for all four 15 minute cycles while others could only do 2 15min cycles on the lowest setting. with these types of systems your gums will always most likely be affected because they aren’t isolated first. you could try putting vasaline( even if its not meant for consumption) or maybe coconut oil on your gums before and only applying a small dot of the gel on the center of each tooth on the tray to reduce over spilling onto the gums. I mean i wouldn’t pay full price for this product but 28 is not to bad.

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