Does bleach damage my roof and what do you use to clean a roof?

What does the manufacturer recommend to clean a roof?
Will bleach damage my roof?

Hiring a professional to clean your roof and exterior is important.


Coltan Vollrath says:

Great video. Thanks for the information. I have heard of people using hydrogen peroxide… Is that common practise? I hear its effective and much safer on vegitation.

J Foco says:

Will it damage gutters?

Zak BanaYahu says:

Great video! When using 12.5%SH, whats the best mix, if you dont mind sharing? 80%? 70%? And how much surfactant should be used?

johnlamb2284 says:

soooo you really don’t like skim milk

Raymond greenridge says:

do you spray striagh 12 % or do you delute with water

Rob S says:

For a DIY type homeowner, Where in the world can we find such a product? If I walk into lowes and ask the 15 year old kid where is the 12.5% SH to clean my roof hes going to look at me like I’m speaking chinese. When searched in google, I am provided with pictures to buy clorox at walmart or pool shock tablets. There has got to be a way I can get my hands on something even close to what your using without buying 55gallon barrels right?

Pressure Washing Maintenance says:

Your the man Dougie

Under Pressure - Power Washing LLc says:

I have been saying this for years.
Everything you mentioned I teach to my students, and is on point !
We have also tested many times and different scenarios S.H. and it’s effects on pretty much every surface.
What has happened is the last 10 yrs is over flooding of each market and it’s trades. So it’s gotten harder to make money, and some guys even commissions. That in turn leads to lies ! Example grey lines on your shingle roof, roofer will say you need a new roof. Power wash guys will say chemicals destroys your roof, it’s all about getting the job no matter what the lies are. Let me put some real numbers here, Lake Worth Fl alone has over 980 Pressure Cleaning company’s. So if this town only provides say 20 to 30 possible P.W. jobs Divide that into 1000 company’s who need to pay Bill’s, And now you can see where the deception and lies start to begin to support your family and business. That’s the real truth.
We always educate the customer, they need to know the truth to help them choose a company like mine who won’t damage any of their property.
Even if you have a certificate and you are so called certified not every company is created equal and not every company knows what they’re doing ! You just don’t buy equipment and spray chemicals, to be a Real Professional it’s alot more then that.
On top of all that, take pride in your work, don’t cheap out to get the job and ruin it for everyone. Your work quality is your biggest advertising !

Brad Loughlin says:

Thanks Doug

El Okim says:

how soon after applying to rinse the roof?

Troy says:

I had no idea Sodium hypochlorite degraded?!


good to see you know your shit…

Brad Loughlin says:

hey Doug met you at tampa event..good info good presentation and videos… question , who make your shirts? thanks

DIYkindofguy says:

How do you protect landscape from SH when cleaning the roof?

Jenny Titus says:

What if someone goes up on the roof with a 5,000psi pressure washer?

capnchip says:

The difference between 9.0% and 9.1% is not 1% as stated… is 1/10 of a percent! Basically no difference. As likely as not, only testing’s lack of ability to be precise.

John Graves says:


TJ Tran says:

Very informative. Thank you

Dave The Window Licker says:

always good stuff here

Zoukie Zouk says:

can i use this video on my website, please?

Anthony Vega says:

Thank you for this informative video. In two weeks I will be washing my house and roof. Could you give me advice on what my mixture should be. I have a 5 gallon bucket to put the chemicals in and my pressure washer will be coming in the mail in two weeks. I appreciate any and all help you do provide

Jacob Othmer says:

Do you use a surfactant as well? If so, do you mind sharing which surfactant works best?

Nathan Falgoust says:

Great information Doug!

John Graves says:

Hey there, what do you guys use to clean pressure treated decks? SH? Or sodium precarb?

Great video,


mike rittanhouse says:

metal roof as well?

Bettina Schifferl says:

what’s your opinion of Wet & Forget? I’ve learned that it’s ammonia-based, so of course, not compatible with bleach?

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