Does Chlorine Bleach Kill Mold?


We all want to save a little money. That’s why stores like Wal-Mart or the Dollar Store have become so popular. Nobody wants to spend money if it is not required.

There are a lot of urban myths out there and one of those myths is that chlorine bleach is a cheap and quick method to kill serious mold problems. Think of mold as that creature that will not go away. It may not be that creepy ex-boyfriend or girlfriend that keeps coming back over and over, like a bad dream. However, if you keep seeing mold come back after you cleaned it with bleach, there is a reason why.

This video explains the fallacy behind using bleach cheaply to rid yourself of mold problems. In many cases what looks to you like a simple surface mold problem is actually much deeper. When you go into your bathroom and see that black or green spot, it probably has been happing over time and could be much more serious than you think. Have it checked by a professional to be safe. Mold can cause some serious health problems and it is better to have it checked, rather than risk your own health and wellness.

Go to the following link for more information on the how to clean up small areas of mold infiltration and the dangers associated with mold cleaning or mold issues in your home or business. HYPERLINK “”

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tisoy909 says:

This is nonsense! But if someone pays for it, all the power to them. There’s one born every minute.

alwaysbeeurself says:

I had many mold re-mediators tell me that you can not kill mold with bleach since bleach has water in it and water feeds mold. I had mold in many different areas of my house, I used a bleach based mold killing product, the mold has been gone for 1.5 years, the product worked. I was told, bleach will white mold out, and mold will continue to grow after it feeds on the water in the bleach. After telling one of the mold re-mediators what I did, he told me that it is just coincidental for the product to work and usually mold will not be killed, but he didn’t know what to say after I told him that the mold didn’t come back in the 5 other rooms as well.

Deutsche Hierarchie says:

Both chlorine and bleach are poisonous. Why would anyone ever mix them together? That is just suicide!

muskndusk says:

I stopped watching this when it turned into an advert!

David Martone says:

Click bait. It’s an advertisement.

vb says:

didnot tell the answer to the question.

Alfredo Gutierrez says:

Only in America we worry about mold. Not prescription drugs that’s the true killer. Can somebody tell me how many people have died by causes of mold versus causes of prescription drugs

Tom Sharp says:

i need help for my problem – not a fucking advert – plus i am in the Uk – do you have a base in the uk?

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