Drano Max Gel Clog Remover REVIEW

Clogged drain? Here’s my Drano Max Gel clog remover review. Get it cheap! http://bitly.com/oldnerddrano

I had a bathtub drain that terribly clogged. Standing water and everything. After a lot of frustration trying to do it myself, I broke down and bought Drano Max Gel clog remover. Here’s my review and the result.

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George Gilles says:

I agree with you totally the same thing happened to me.

Kal says:

I bought Drano and just it but it didnt work. Maybe it wasnt Max Drano ? I bought the reg Drano

susan ptashkin says:

Anyone use on kitchen sink?

Tristin Lawson says:

Great video really helped keep up the good work

SeriousBeats says:

it helped a lot but water doesn’t go down as fast as I’d like in the tub. should I buy another and give it a go? I get the feeling that 1 more would really fix it

JERSEY General says:

Yeah have the same prob.. I used this stuff n yeah… nothin. didn’t help at all..

Lily Yem says:

Thanks for posting this video! My tub is clogged. After watching this video, I went to Walmart to purchase this Drano Max Gel for $7. Amazing how fast it work. My tub is no longer clogged. I recommend this product. It’s mess free and you don’t need a plunger or tools and equipment.

Hendy Breuer says:

going to buy it now!!! im hoping it’ll work!

Old Nerd Reviews says:

Sorry to hear that, +Kathee Tooher. I think it’s safe to say that a plumber is indeed your next course of action. Not a good start to the new year. ;(  Thanks for watching ans commenting. 

Tiffany Asanarong says:

Will that work with hair clogged in the tub drain too?

RzVids says:

How did pour the Drano down the drain if you had standing water still in it?

Old Nerd Reviews says:

Awesome, +Kathee Tooher! Glad to hear you won’t have to shell out any money on a plumber!

Miryam Hernandez says:

Lol! That’s why I got it “guaranteed or your money back!” Amazing product $4 at target worth every penny

Michael Cabrera says:

I’m seriously glad I watched this video review. Went to the store half hour ago and bought my Drano Max Gel bottle. Poured it in. Just poured the hot water from a hot kettle. And my stubborn clogged drain is back to normal. This thing is LEGIT! Thanks!!

Javale McGOAT MVP, ROTY, DPOY says:

I have a problem with the toilet, bathroom sink, and shower as the toilet gets clogged, and everytime i flush it makes a loud noise, so will Draino work.

Jason Gafar says:

Great review!
I just picked up a bottle and poured it down the drain four minutes ago. I’m now boiling some water with a kettle. Hope it works!

Gee Dep says:

Thx Old Nerd

rashad sims says:

does it work for toilet

BoomBriggs says:

I was fed up with my bathroom sink about a week ago and took apart the p-trap, cleaned it out thoroughly and thought that’d be that. Nope. Tried the baking soda and vinegar trick… minor, minor help in the matter. Bought this stuff because The Old Nerd never lets me down and it worked like a charm. There’s no back up, no standing water… Amazing. Good work and thanks for the tip.

Noodlepony says:

I got the Great Value generic because I’m poor; would it still work?

Tattoos by Michael Perfecto says:

And im supposed to believe by word because Mr I dont know who said so.. no video hard to believe. boo hooo

Miryam Hernandez says:

This was awesome! I love love this product

Cass the Nerd says:

Im not going to lie, I was looking at the box for the Wacom tablet the whole time.

Sig Shooter says:

I blame women for this problem lolz

Steve Gannaway says:

Thank you so much for this video. My husband has a critical illness and nothing was working in our home. We need our washing machine etc.!!! I watched your video. Tried Drano and it worked within one hour. No need to spend a lot of money of a plumber!!!

kethlois says:

Well I just bought a bottle and I hope it works.

Bdpjev says:

my friend its called a plumber call one


What about in a toilet bowl.? Will it un clog the toilet.?

Janna Lewis says:

This also worked magic for me in my bathtub, same issue.

rachel mathis says:

my shower drain and toilet is backed up! sewage is coming up through my shower drain!!!!! ewwwww! im gettin draino gel!!!! not fun:.(

Eric Perich says:

Just saw this video and I can use the Drano Max Gel! Thanks for the review Tony!!

Joe Vasquez says:

is it safe to use on pvc pipes, someone told me it would melt the plastic pipe. my upstairs bathtub just started clogging up.

Jon D says:

I tried the regular drain “liquid” and I can say it’s not as good as the gel stuff. Get the “gel” kind.

Monoculture says:

Close your eyes and it’s Bob Odenkirk

tropicalscot says:

I can confirm this works….in the UK the product is known as “Mr Muscle Max Gel” but it’s the same stuff (even the same bottle and brandling graphics, just a different name). I used it on my blocked sink and the blockage was gone within 3 or 4 minutes.

Danielle Arangio says:

I love this stuff. Use it every time. Only problem is I feel like it corrodes the pipes giving hair and soap something to stick to and causes more frequent blockages. The cycle continues!

Shayla Riley says:

Thanks so much for posting been having a clogged sink and tub gonna give this a try

Aditya Ambre says:

Worked for me too!!

Juanita Tutt says:

I’ve tried them all still clogged, even baking soda, vinegar even coke, smh using a snake what a waste of time. #dontwork

Nina Mohamad love says:

I tried it n it still stays still

Maximiano Poblette says:

I’m about to try it…. hope it works, im tired of this bathtub not draining…. about to head to the store…

Douglas Chitwood says:

Ok, going to try it, was told the crystals work also bit you sold me. I will get video and upload and let you know how it works for me before and after. YEAH! I like that.

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