Easy and Cheapest Way to Clean Your Siding

Having someone clean your siding can be expensive. Buying a pressure washer can also be expensive. However, for only $15, you can achieve the same results with just some bleach and a garden hose.

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Tom Gates says:

Generally the use of chlorine based exterior cleaners isn’t a friend to the plants around the house. They’ll take a health hit from the chlorine, even the specific outdoor cleaners. The last few years the hydrogen peroxide based cleaners have become very popular (the OxiClean type products) and won’t hurt the plants or cause chlorine stains/fading of materials that get inadvertently splashed. They are also almost ‘no scrub’ products. Heavier cleaning may need a bit of brushing.

kodiakkiller says:

Looks great! I have a two story and a wall that faces the same direction. Because of the height at the peak I can’t reach it safely with a ladder and have to use the commercial spray on stuff that you connect to the hose. It never comes out looking as good as yours.

00tact says:

Make it an even $20. Invest in gloves and goggles.

richard cranium says:

if you use soaps as mentioned in the comments here(dawn, borax , etc.), always start from the bottom and work upwards. the soap clings to the dirt and grime and acts as a carrier. it will not stick to the previously cleaned surface. if you start at the top you risk it drying to a dirty surface and will probably end up with streaks. which may not always come out!!!

Patty Miller says:

Good video. Thanks. I’ll do it.

Ivonne Zempoalteca says:

Good man

eroediv1 says:

won’t argue the point all i know is pressure washer worked great and it’s been three years ago and the vinyl siding look as good as new today as when i put it in my garage 24 yrs ago.
got picture and video to prove it

Phyllis Gunter says:

El Cheapo

RM Jord says:

Thank you. Just tried it on a portion of my house and it really works. Some one give me an estimate of 125.00 to do my whole house. guess I will round up my children and grandchildren to help me get it done. Thanks again

PAphotoFun says:

You should always clean from the bottom up to prevent streaking, but good job!

rbbartho says:

Mix 90% bleach and 10% soap, put in garden sprayer. Spray on, let sit for 10 mins. Rinse. Done. No need to use spray bottle and ladder.

Cassy Sak says:

How long did it take to clean one side please

Charles Lindley says:

awesome cleaner works good too.

Ray Calandra says:

I have used Mold Armor house wash, with good success. Just spray on your siding using the sprayer it comes with by attaching it to your hose. Then wait a few minutes and rinse it off with the sprayer. No brush or pressure washer needed.

My Opinion says:

You call that easy…I will take a pressure washer any day…your way isn’t for the average homeowner…who wants to take the chance.of falling off a ladder…safety is much smarter than thrifty lol

sumelle2 says:

I just used some paper towel and water with methods dish soap and it worked very well on the front of a white shed. I plan to add some vinegar for the sides and bottom areas of the house which is grey. That is the only part the house that gets dirty etc, chlorine bleach is bad to breath in etc and bad to let seep into the ground, oxyclean is best if you really need bleach. You need drop cloths for them as well as a mask & goggles etc.

Paul Brown says:

I could have had that side of the house done in a very short time. You know nothing about cleaning.

Sonny Mann says:

Way to get it done, thanks for his. Its not easy to find spare time to help people, much obliged my friend!!

Kenny H says:

Dollar Tree is an awesome place to find deals! Same stuff there for $1 you find at Wally World for almost $5 can’t believe some of the savings there!

Greg Adams says:

Easy. You made this all NOT EASY.

Chris Wright says:

This works great, I bought a sprayer 12.00 dollars harbor freight and bleach and dawn dish detergent from dollar General. 14.00 dollars Total, my house looks GREAT!!

E Mac says:

Always start at the bottom and work your way up to avoid streaks!

David Dentici says:

Keeps coming back because Bleach does not kill mold. Just cleans it. Pump sprayer would of been faster, let it dwell 10 minutes and rinse with house. Very simple. Work smarter not harder. Plus the angle of your ladder was too much pitch. Not sure if it was the camera or the real pitch. The correct pitch is on a sticker on the side of the ladder.. (in case you or DIYers are watching and didn’t know)

Justice Forall says:


Donnie says:

Gotta admire your determination. How about a longer brush? Like the ones used to wash cars.

Jewel J. says:

Can we just clean with the water hose?
Or is it necessary to use a cleaning solution

TomWilsonDrinksPee OvechkinSUX says:

Too much work,power washer is way better.

Craig Chirnside says:

Well…..great job for a shit load of work….was it worth it?

Barry B says:

Im sure the bleach will be great for the lawn

Jordon Ball says:

Will the diluted bleach solution kill the grass?

Skeeter Jackson says:

just use dawn

seangworld says:

ok dont be so cheap. the north and the east will be the sides with the most algae. make it easier on yourself. spend the $10-20 and get a 2 gal pump sprayer. put a gal of bleach and a couple squirts of dish soap, fill the balance with water. for an even easier job spend the $4 and get the 10.5% pool bleach (pool essentials at lowes and walmart). use your garden hose to spray off all the loose crap, then use your sprayer and spray the whole side of your house. wait 10 minutes. rinse off with your hose. repeat if needed. and you dont need a damn ladder or scrub brush, toss that shit. its called soft washing. and u only need a mask if your a tree hugging pussy. but yes, spray the plants around the work area before and after.

ike fun says:

not the cheapest and not the easiest lying piece of shit

Kenny H says:

At very least Buy a garden sprayer or you will not be happy using a hand spray bottle!

birdmanG6843 says:

Yea!! Fuck that!! Pump spray bottle with bleach and water hose is all is needed. You don’t even need to scrub.

871jamie says:

My Hotsy pressure washer with an extended wand with a little bleach in the water tank would clean all of that off in 10 minutes for about 50 bucks. I’d do the entire house for about 150. Is an entire weekend of your time really worth 150 bucks? Just wondering.

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