Easy vinyl siding and vinyl fence cleaning with bleach.

Easy vinyl siding cleaning with bleach. This is a simple, quick how-to for cleaning vinyl fencing and siding and clean without pressure washer. Remove mold with a simple 50/50 bleach/water solution.

Will bleach harm vinyl siding? Exoman says that he’s been doing this for many years and never had a problem. He also says that you can use a much more diluted solution for cleaning Hardie board. You can do a search for this on the internet.

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Tim Crusham says:

Use a cat warning brush.

Richard Rojas says:

Does the water dripping on your stairs with bleach do any spotting?

James Arceneaux says:

There is a new product called wet and forget that kills and will prevent new growth.

Dave White says:

Management wont allow me to do that anymore. I killed a bunch of plants with the over spray. Nothing I have tried has worked near as well

Tim Crusham says:

Did you move from your farm?

Jake Schisler says:

I buy my bleach from a pool supply company. If you mix 8 oz of bleach per gallon of water I also add soap to mixture to make it stay where you spray it helps. I’ve tried other products to clean a house but they are garbage. It kills plants as well

Larry Biehl says:

Wish you would speak up can hardly ! Hardly hear .you !!!

Bahama Jim says:

Good stuff big guy..

Jim Key says:

My wife does this to clean algae above two ground level planters. Works very well.

Donald D'Egidio says:

I use the same mixture on the no-slip bath mat when mold starts to appear. I have two of the mats so I can swap them when one starts molding, then clean the other. I have a 2 gallon waste basket and soak half the mat for a half hour then flip it over to get the other half.

Charles Bennett says:

I’ve been doing this for years cleaning the mold from the done home down in Florida.

david glunt says:

I use my pressure washer. But after I spray with a bleach mix and the mold doesn’t come back for 5 or six years. Only problem with the pressure washing is the areas that don’t look bad start to look bad because the other areas get so clean. So I end up doing the whole house and the garages and stables.

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