Equipment Review: Best Laundry Stain Removers & Our Testing Winner

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Stain removers abound, all guaranteeing spotless results on the first try. The reality? When it comes to getting out stubborn food stains, almost none of them work.

We tested 7 top-selling national laundry stain removers to find the best one:
OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover
Tide Ultra Stain Release
Resolve Spray & Wash Laundry Stain Remover
Zout Laundry Stain Remover
Shout Trigger Triple-Acting Formula
Clorox 2 Stain Remover & Color Booster Liquid
Resolve Max Power Gel with Scrubnubs

We focused on tougher stains. To each white T-shirt and piece of blue cotton fabric, we applied measured samples of six foods that make stubborn stains: melted dark chocolate, hot bacon fat, yellow mustard, black tea, a puree of chipotle chiles in adobo sauce, and pureed blueberries. We would pit each stain remover against this array while noting its ease of use.

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Xaviér Smith says:

so basically … billy mays be proud!

Karan Nagwekar says:


Bigguy 33 says:

They must have used this on Chris, because he’s all gone now.

Hamza Ayub says:

Couldn’t you just get to the point?
Oxy clean!

Kelli Spaulding says:

Always use hot water for stains. People are brain washed to thinking that cold water for stains is correct. It isn’t. Hot doesn’t set the stain in, like many think. It gets them out

Lashan Jones says:

the oxi clean really work on my under arm yellow Stain pits on my white tee shirt it really work I am so happy I brought this product

Donna Borooah says:

Thanks for doing this test for us so that we don’t have to!

jerzeegirl44 says:

I love Oxi Clean! I would like to add, though, that if you have a stain that doesn’t come all the way out with it, try some Fels Naptha. It looks like a bar of soap, and is sold where the laundry detergents are sold in the store. It’s a hundred year old product that works great on almost all types of stains. It also costs less then two bucks. And a bar lasts a long time. I just got some ink out of a white tee shirt with the Oxi and the Fels Naptha bar. Soaked it for a few hours. Looked brand new!

L Gree says:

I use OxiClean on my carpets
Never use anything else

Francesco Moltisanti says:

thanks you for the video

M x says:

Thank you, Test Kitchen.

laca zette says:

Billy Mays here…

Rebeldoug says:

Hydrogen peroxide is a bleach that might dissolve the fabric as well as the stain, especially for as long as the recommended soaking time.

houchi69 says:

Billy Mays will rest in peace.

Eloise Smith says:

I have used Oxy Clean for all sorts of stains – including on cookware, and on the patina inside my tea and coffee thermoses. In addition, I have gotten excellent results for many years from following Don Azlett’s Stainbuster’s Bible.

livid snicket says:

It’s a pity you do mostly kitchen items. I found this video very interesting.

V Kelly says:

Oxie clean has a spray stain remover now that works awesome. I had an old giant black ink stain on my chef coat and it’s pretty much gotten it completely out

ch282 says:

the oxi cleaner never worked for me. i didn’t try the pre-soak method before, though.

E Goertz says:

Except all the one’s mentioned and pictured in the vidieo tell you in the instructions use the hottest water possible for the type of material.. They used cold water….. what do you expect? I read instructions. I use SHOUT and I have never had a problem. And I do not have to presoak. Just spray about five minuutes before you put in the washer. Simple.

Beverlee Dacey says:

The BEST stain remover out there that works on all of these stains is AMODEX.
One product does it all and what’s best is its unique cream soap formula that’s
both non-toxic and safe for ALL fabrics (both washable and dry cleanable).

GrotrianSeiler says:

Excellent review!

C C says:

this is why I love this show.

Ciara Songstress says:

I heard nothing but great things for oxyclean… and one day I tried the stick on my son’s shirt.. it smelled amazing and it lifted the stain out…

duane campbell says:

..and check out the content on the channel of these commenters, Americas test kitchen empliyees?

Ronald Silton says:

This is nice, but I don’t have 6 to 8 hours to presoak a stain. I want results much faster.

bring the real hip hop back says:

Can i drink all of them

Ze Bunker says:

My favorite cleaner is the one that pays me the most affiliate link income.

trance212 says:

I love her!!!

Lesley Kurdi says:

Hi hi I love old men’s waistcoats and today I bought a lovely one. It was dirty, especially the once pale lining. During a hand wash it transpires that the lining dirt is a lot of blood from the neck down. I have done my best but, I can’t get the stains out. It’s been there a long time. Can you help me please? It is a lovely black wool garment with a pale off- white lining. Xx

Jeremiah Roark says:

Problem is I don’t want to wash my white shirt if I just get a spot on it.

Adventures of cupcake and Friends V says:

good tips

Ayyrocko says:

Thank god. My chefs coat is filthy from my last culinary class

srabchun says:

I use grease lightning on stains. It gets them out every time.

Kevin Mejia says:

where is billy mays

Jacob Paziuk says:

I suggest using shout it works wonders!

Rupert Steffler says:

Thanks for a thorough, objective demonstration. Resolve has always been the default for me, but I knew there had to be something better. Definitely getting Oxi Clean next time

Melinda Montgomery says:

What about the oxiclean spray? Any good?

Deseree Jordon says:

Zout is the best stain remover I’ve ever tried

Adam Hammel says:

zote guey!

morehn says:

What would happen if you pretreat clothing days in advance?

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