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Today’s Video: Favorite Cleaning Products How to Have a Clean House. Hello, Friends! I hope you love this favorites cleaning products how to have a clean house video! This favorite cleaning products video is also a collaboration with a sweet friend here on You Tube, Kimmy from She’s in Her Apron! Please check out and SUBSCRIBE to her channel after watching this video! She is fabulous! 🙂

Kimm’s Favorite Cleaning Products:


Cleaning Products Mentioned:

Method Squirt and Mop Hard Floor Cleaner (spearmint and sage scent)
Wyman Stainless Steel Wipes
Cascade Complete Dishwasher Pods
Method All Purpose Pink Grapefruit Surface Cleaner
Mier Surface Cleaner in Honeysuckle
Windex Multi Surface Window/Glass Cleaner
Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
Comet Bleach

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Abigail says:

Hi Candice! I love Method too. I find that 50% water and 50% white vinegar cleans stainless very well. And it’s cheap. I love disinfecting wipes too. The seventh generation brand carries a big safe plant derived pack too! 🙂

Mary Kelly says:

I thought we were the only ones that still used Comet!!! It is SO inexpensive, hard-working and gets places clean you thought were uncleanable. Thanks.

Kimberly Ann Fashion, Beauty, & Life says:

Hello! I live for those wipes , they are so versatile for the house! I need that method cleaner, I want to smell it!!

Kourtney Wunsch says:

Method and Seventh generation both make stainless steel cleaner! Love both

meilynbal says:

Candice I love the switch you did with your channel, really loving all the cleaning and lifestyle you had been doing lately.

DeAnna Paden says:

hi here from she’s in her apron. i use all the method products. they have an antibac cleaner now and i like it better than the clorox wipes because there are no streaks and it actually stays wet for longer which is key to disinfecting. also their glass cleaner is amazing and works just as good as the windex. and smells amazing.

Karen .c.h says:

I know it’s not a wipe but I love the Method Stainless Steel cleaner. My Target doesn’t carry it. I get it at Home Depot.

Debbie Jordan says:

I’m here from Kimmy’dls channel!

Janet Kuykendall says:

Came over from She’s in

Emily Marberry says:

I love Clorox wipes too. Like you said they give you a peace of mind about germs. And I use them EVERYDAY!! I have a son with cancer so keeping germs away is very important!! Also chemo is excreted in his bodily fluids so I have to make sure everything is disinfected to protect my other little ones!! Thank you for the tips on the squirt & mop!! definitely gonna try!!

Michele Henning says:

Hi! Kimmy sent me. I love some of the same products. Can’t live without the Clorox wipes! Thank you!

Amy Stubbs says:

Kimmy sent me! Love your content -new subscriber

Joy Humble says:

I have started using the Method grapefruit cleaner as well and we love it! My husband loves it almost more than me and he tries to use it on EVERYTHING haha

Leah Hitz says:

I just subscribed to her out of the BLUE like 3 weeks ago!!!! oh my gosh how cool. (i also love that we all attend the same church) HUGS

TamCol says:

I hate those stainless steel wipes! They leave awful streaks and a film all over my SS appliances. I found just hot soap and water then a buff cloth works the best (for meee)

L Arevalo says:

Hi what do u use to clean your stove top… mine is like yours and I can not get in clean… thank you

Linda Torres - Lopez says:

here from she’s in her apron, thanks for sharing your favorites, really need to try the method and Meyer brands.

April Powell says:

I just saw a Method cleaner for steel online, but it is a spray!

SillyMando2008 says:

Maybe you should watch shesinherapron and use less chemicals

Bumblebee says:

coming over from kimmy channel I like your style

margaritaMAMA says:

YOU have gotten me hooked on the pink grapefruit spray lol I will now need to look for the Meyers honeysuckle ahhh!! I’ve been using comet since I can remember for my bathroom. It’s just the best! And how can you forget how cheap☺️

queendaizy3386 says:

Method and mrs meyers are my go to! There great!

Megan Whitney says:

I love Kimmy! Was so happy to see you two collaborating!!

Robyn Ference says:

I’m off to Target to grab that mop and go. I started using the Mrs. Meyers and Method cleaners on your recommendations. I LOVE them!

To Do Today says:

Hi! I’m a new subscriber from She’s in Her Apron! The pink grapefruit scent is the best one method makes. And thanks for mentioning where you got your cleaning gloves; they’re super cute!

Chrissy T says:

I love a lot you shared. I love those stainless steel wipes. They are a must for my home. Thanks for sharing. I live the honeysuckle spray as well. Plus, the lavender. I’m visiting rom She is in her apron.

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