First Impressions: Scrubbing Bubbles Gel Toilet Bowl Cleaners | + Bleach Rant | Crazy Cleaner

Hey ScrubBunnies🐇! I’m back (again) with another first impressions review on two Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Bowl Cleaners. I believe these are fairly new products and that they are the only scents available at this time. I hope you enjoy this video. I love you guys so much! 💕

-Scrubbing Bubbles Extra Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner – “Citrus” Scent
-Scrubbing Bubbles Bubbly Bleach Gel Toilet Bowl Cleaner – “Rainshower” Scent






anon says:

Wonderful review! Would you consider making a video where you give information on cleaning? Like how you spoke in this video about how bleach doesn’t actually clean. Would love to learn more about “Cleaning 101”.

Jeon Bekook says:

First love u

lily Tu says:

Love it!❤❤❤

PAT G says:

Thanks for the review! You always do it best chick!If I try these I will add pine-sol to disinfect❤

MsKitty says:

I love when you share tips and important info. This is what sets your channel apart from others. P.S., I miss seeing your nails painted, I used to love the colors you choose (teal was always my favorite on you!) love you, ttyl! 🙂

Jamie Haprer says:

Nice foam I was watching this doctor on television and he said using disinfect cleaners and antibacterial cleaners is not good to use everyday in your home cause your killing alot if good germs in your house im like whatever lol but when it comes to my bathroom I like to disinfect it when we flush are toilet germs are flying all over in the bathroom I heard that from a doctor as well so its best to use a disinfect cleaner for your bathroom in my opinion

willam wallace says:

Two suggestions: 1) a few drops of food coloring should let you see the product. 2) Make your own bleach gel (see YT videos for bleach gel).

1 GEM says:

Did you know that Vodka disinfects and is a good cleaner?  I have family members that use it all the time and is better than most cleaners.  I personally haven’t used it yet… Except for in my cup lol

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