How I Whitened My Teeth at Home | Danielle Mansutti

It’s finally here! Today I’m giving you a review & demo of how I whitened my teeth using Smile Brilliant. Even after the first use I saw such a difference, and I can’t believe how quickly this works. Check them out at 🙂
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Camera used: Canon 70D
Edited on: Final Cut Pro / iMovie
● This video is sponsored by Smile Brilliant – I am absolutely shocked by how fast and how well this worked for me. I would recommend it to absolutely everyone, and would never sponsor I product I don’t believe in or use myself 🙂


Thelema says:

Cool ad.

Music Lover says:

good to do during a movie…

Ilona Pallagi says:

Amazing but it is $159

Godzila says:

Never do it. Chemistry is not good!!!Siobhan Paula, yes you are right. A lot of people want to have white teeth. Unfortunately, when they use such chemicals, they disrupt the tooth enamel, and the teeth then deteriorate very quickly. The teeth are not completely white, they have to be light yellow and they are healthy !!! Your teeth should be cleaned in the morning after breakfast and in the evening after dinner for at least 5 minutes everywhere and will be healthy. Once every 2-3 days, use a dental floss.

shannon cassidy says:

your eyes are amazing Dani X

Ebony Fisher says:

I want my teeth that white

Bob Duncan says:

Can you do it if you are under 18 and does it affect your teeth in the future? >_<

Music Lover says:


fun stuff says:

My teeth is yellower than your hair………..

Bunny Munro says:

They look artificially white.
Nothing against the girl, but I think it’s one of those “I’m a real person, not one of THOSE youtube-ing money makers hawking products!”
But those teeth look professionally done because I already have white teeth, but from coffee and wine needed a boost and got the teeth brightening trays and Brilliant white, they don’t end up looking nearly florescent.

Megan Hardy says:

I seriously think you are the prettiest human I’ve ever seen.

AJ B says:

It’s not natural to have glowing white teeth. Your teeth look odd.

Alexander Oronov says:

Hi Danielle,
Did your teeth become more sensitive?
Thanks for the detailed review!

Nathalie Brooke says:

dont worry you can take your time

Paula Mtz says:

I heard using a dark lipstick makes your teeth appear whiter.

luciok says:

somebody have to tell you your teeth are TOO WHITE.

Guinevere Pendragon says:

Begins at 3:06

kiwi fruitz says:

Teeth are originally yellow… it’s natural

Faye says:

You totally look so pretty OMGYSCAP (oh my god your so cool and pretty.

Cole Cleveland says:

she’s a reptillian

Julia Prime says:

She’s soo pretty

roxyfur says:

People commented on that? How sad. Well, they look awesome now!

lavalord363 Aqw says:

Um what u said the product makes ur teeth it’s natural colour. Your natural teeth colour is yellow….

Baecon Chim-Chim says:

Contact lenses?

Misty Dell says:

beautiful eyes too and love that cute nose of yours 🙂

Ethan Barry says:

Oh babes ur teeth are good

James Smith says:

you kinda misled everyone to think from your titel that you had an at home remedy… no one that clicked on this video is looking for a way to spend money on a teath whitening kit.

Gary says:

your telling LIES

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