HOW TO: Bleach Bath Your Hair! | Jade Madden

Hey Guys, Jade Madden here! Today im showing you how to Bleach Bath your hair! How to remove unwanted hair color gently & Safely! Sharing professional tips, information & recipe!

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Scales are recommended. Use either mls or grams.
5g Conditioner
10g Shampoo
15g Water
40g 20vol/6% Developer
40g Powdered Bleach.

If you have no scales you can use a Tbs or Tsp to measure.
EXAMPLE 1tsp = 1 part.
1 Part Conditioner, 2 Parts Shampoo, 3 Parts water, 8 Parts Peroxide & 8 Parts Bleach.
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karolyn marie says:

Completely random but I love your tattoos

Valentina Salas says:

Oh I missed so much your videos at lunch Lol ! I’m moving soon and have been pretty busy. What a surprise seeing you with a new color ! and Wow it looks so good on you ! Love it love it! 😀 You can wear any color and looks amazing ! Lucky girl ! 😉

Sian Johnson says:

oh lawd just watched this! ive bought all the stuff for bleach bathing. my hair is black and wanna get it to a light brown so bought a light ash brown dye for after. just got told I need a lighter colour to get the colour I want…. I’m hoping this bleach bath will work!

Sophy ORen says:

I’ve read loads of tutorials about bleach bathing but this is the first I’ve seen where conditioner and water is added. Are these necessary or can you just use shampoo? Great video btw you’re so sweet! Xoxo

Jessica H says:

My hair is purple at the moment but I want to do a lighter color which I will need to lighten my hair more…. should I remove the color first then do a bleach bath or just do the bleach bath

Alexis S says:

Hey Jade! I have a question, I have dark dark brown hair and I want to make it so that there’s an ombré effect (not with blonde but a light-ish Brown). Do I HAVE to bleach it in order to get the look in going for? If I do, do I use like 20 vol or something

sabita Ghosh says:

very stupid video

Dulce CUEVAS says:

If I just bleach and I don’t get the blonde and I bleach again that hour ?

Alia El Borai says:

hey there 🙂

i do have a regrowth (2cm of a level 2 so really dark brown) and then i have the result of the last time i bleached my hair (got to a level 8-9) which has been dyed lavender and pink many times so it’s a strange mix of colors and it’s where i want to put the bleach bath, it’s like 10cm long
(and then the end of my hair is a kind of grey which i really love but that’s not so important)

my question is: do you think the 20vol bleach bath will lighten my roots enough to get to a 8 or 9 again or should i do the process i two times, once the roots with the 30vol + blue powder bleach and then the bleach bath on the rest of purpleish parts?

i hope my question is clear enough ^^”

thank you so much if you take time to answer it 🙂

and thanks for the video!

Sheila Folan says:

I think you look better with dark hair. Great video

Norma J says:

I can use this on my natural hair right? i havent colored it at all and i want to bleach it to get a pastel look 🙂

NinaOla says:

Can anyone please answer my question? I bleached my hair today. Will it get lighter over time?

Rose Ray says:

I use it for bleaching since it’s gentler and easier to do than bleach when doing your own hair

Maria Fernanda Diaz Briceño says:

I’ve been dying my hair different shades of dark and honey blonde for over 6 years now and it looks like a mess, I feel like all the different colors are showing. Do you recommend doing this or just use a lighter blonde shade and it’ll change and unify my color? If I do this and then dye my hair blonde will the color fade with washes and leave me with the bleached color?

Raini says:

I have dark brown roots that lead into previously dyed hair (it’s basically white now to a light pastel turquoise). I need to lighten my roots so I can dye my hair a dark green. How long would you suggest keeping this on my roots?

Lolli Poke says:

Used your “recipe” to get rid of my dark red hair to go to a plum color, worked really well ! Thank you <3 You are beautiful and your videos are amazing 😀

Hans , says:

my hair is naturally light brown, almost blonde, i coloured it wuth manic panics voodoo blue and after a month or so i started to try to wash it out so i used dish soap and dandruf shampoo. its now greenish. will this lift out the colour?

terrilynn cincotta says:

could you use this as a method to bleach regrowth if you have a hard time with overlap and want to be less harsh on your hair?

Deborah Clarke says:

your tattoo are cool. and gonna use this for my blue hair

Lisa Mckenzie says:

Hi ladies, Could anyone tell me if this would work on dark brown hair extentions? I’m only wanting to lighten a few shades to put a lighter brown over the top to match my hair colour so I can use the extentions and not have to dye my own hair dark again. Thanks in advance! xoxo

Jessica Amethyst says:

What if you have everything but the developer

Mimi Cardona says:

my hair is dark from the roots to

vera de groot says:

Could i use this mixture with my lightner as your recipe. But add 10 ml cool addative. I use blond me by the way

inevitableasshole- says:

okay but I clicked on this video just to help myself understand dying hair and things like that, and I heard your accent. I instantly smiled.

Bridget Yates Manry says:

Thank you for this recipe and tutorial!

Hairordye says:

I have red and want to go blonde.thanks for this video

Tracy says:

I like this recipe. I just commented on another hair bath video and asked how come no one uses conditioner. I’m honestly curious. I know nothing about these things but I’m thinking conditioner if it doesn’t impede the result might be less damaging. That’s it. I’m trying it. If I want to lift just one level would 10v be alright.

Suné van Aardt says:

Can I mix purple shampoo with my hair dye?

hridi says:

my hair is really pale green at the end. will this work?

Kristel Samonte says:

I just bleached my hair today at home before I saw this and my hair came out orangey brown, what can I do to achieve platinum blonde? Because I wanted to dye my hair silver ash. PS: I really don’t know what to do but I also don’t want to visit a salon to do it for me. Please, help me.

Damira Larocque says:

Very useful thank you so much!!
Can I use purple shampoo ?

Mikaela Balestra says:

That colour suits you so much ! I love it

trash , says:

What does peroxide do?

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