How to Bleach Fence : $25 DIY Project


Mazarie Lee says:

I used white vinegar

Be happy says:

lol Bleach. Lets kill the grass and the neighbors grass.

Temujin Khan says:

I dont know if your mixture is accurate.

Gabriel Escobar says:

Looks great. I’ve read bleach is not good for wood though. Hows it holding up..

Dezmar Perez says:

Sodium Hypochlorite “Bleach” destroys the cellulose fibers. After the wood is permanently damaged it becomes so soft the squirrels will even start chewing on it lol. There are way better ways out there to clean it! So please don’t use bleach to clean wood!

Egor Tetenko says:

I made it too. Want to know how ? just go to woodprix webpage.

Laura B. says:

Big improvement!

Warped Wackos says:

oxalic acid does a much better job!

Aron Carvajal says:

great video amigo

shannonohara says:

I watched your tutorial and proceeded to follow through with my fence. I’m pleased with the results. thanks so much for taking the time to post this video.

Josh Mallett says:

Brown? Called graying from uv

Conner Monier says:

This time I’ll use WoodPrix instructions to make it by myself.

bomanino says:

Good idea

myck blackburn says:

thanks nice tip,might try bottom to top to wet,and top down to rinse.

Rich Santoro says:

A quick tip…..Always spray from the bottom up. That goes for cleaning walls too. When you spray from the top down, the solution drags that liquefied soil down on top of solid soil which in turn, creates steaks. Don’t take my word for it, prove it to yourself.

David Schell says:

Great Idea thanks for the help.

Шашни Женские says:

i made it too. just used woodprix instructions. just click the pig on that website :)))

jesse herbert says:

did you apply a protectant after?

Carlos A says:

A good power wash at the end. Make sure you let your neighbors know before you start to avoid arguments about someone in the yard or something getting ruined by bleach or cleaning solutions.

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