How To Bleach Your Bundles Evenly – Beginner Friendly || Ali Julia – Peruvian Bodywave

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Bold Hold Extreme Creme
Bold Hold Lace Tape

Hair Color – Use half a bottle of each color
Adore – Crimson
Adore – Truely Red
Adore – Intense Red
Adore – Fuchsia
Adore – Eggplant

Hair: Ali Julia
Length: 24 24 22 & 20 Closure

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Kai Kennedy says:

How do you stop it from being dry?

Aleshaburton says:

Pinkish wig using different colors of pink

Lauren Reed says:

Did the hair come with a pair of lashes

Jennie Rose says:

Can I use any shampoo and conditioner to wash out the bleach?

Chasity Coffee says:

did you use toner with the bleach?

Ahmaya Wright says:

what is a permanent color kit that wont bleed?

Lissette Gabriel says:

That red it’s nice

Lady B says:

iI would love for you to color my new wigs I just purchased.

K’MyaDanae says:

Would it be better to open the bundle all the way up? Or leave it open

Avanti Wingate says:

Will baby blue work after u bleach the hair

Christy Berry says:

Hello, thanks for doing this video! Do you have a video on how to dye Peruvian curly without losing the curl pattern?

Christie Lincoln says:

As a newbie at all of this learning how to do my own bundles I have to say this is the best dang on tutorial by far. I love this color. Thank you and you have gained another subscriber.

Modestly Que says:

Very informative, I wish I would’ve watched before I attempted to bleach my wig lol

Tracey Jones says:

Do you have to re cellophane it whenever you wash it?

Mirriam Mason-Tate says:

I bleach and dyed my jet black hair I used 30vol developer and when I started applying the bleach it turned pink and instead of the hair turned blonde it turned red , where did I go wrong at ?

Olympia M says:

I fucking LOVE U. GIRL I dyed my bundles following your video & I LOVVVVVVVEEEEE the color. This video does the color no justice. This color is LIT.

Traillie Weillie says:

Thank you

Nicole Smith says:


Jayona Johnson says:

So how many bottles of dye and bleach did you buy ??

Japple applej says:

Thank you my dear ,it did help

Lisa Olius says:

This is the bomb girl

TaylorArmani says:

I’m so appreciative of this video!!! One question tho, if I were to make a big bucket mixture like you have, do you still use half of each bottle or do you throw it all in there and mix it up? Please respond!!

Rhyli Walker says:

Ur right thanks girl

Sanequa Dallas says:

The hair brand you use is it’s process or Unprocessed? Or it doesn’t matter because I need to know… I am going to try the brand you talking about that’s why I asked.

Kayla Copeland says:

Thanks this is the easiest way that I now knoe

Vedella Walton says:

Hey can I bleach an dye the same day

latasha roland says:

Thanks so much for the video you really did a good job i want mine wine red but a darker red then yours do you know what color dye i would need or should try

Vloger 101 says:

I just love this video, you broke everything down. After looking at your video, im going to try the bleaching process. I did it one time before, but after watching this video i saw where i made mistakes when i tried it the first time. Thanks you for making a very detailed video about coloring your bundles.

Nelly Durand says:

Can I use that method in a wig

Diamond_ Divaa says:

Dis u use any toner?

tovah flournoy says:

Yesssssss girl you did that. How do you mix the color or how do you buy and just apply it?

Joychale DIY says:

NEW SUBSCRIBER !!! best video I’ve seen .. EVER ! I don’t know how long I’ve been looking for a video like this ❤️Thank you

gladys cooke says:

I wanna dye my hair this colour but darker how long do I long do I leave the dye in for?

roho stward says:

I don’t know what’s going on with my hair then cuz when I bleach my real hear it start smoking as well probably because I’m using a higher developer I shouldn’t be using

Shar Guy says:

Girl ya helped me

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