How to Brighten Your Deck Without Bleach

Steve Maxwell shows how to brighten a grey deck using a product that preserves the look of wood grain. To learn more from Steve, visit


Remington Mcneese says:

Go to woodprix if you’d like to build it yourself.

Fred kersten says:

add the contents to a bucket of warm water , mix, wait15 minutes before use, apply to the deck, use the mix in the bucket within 1 hour or it will lose its “power”, its that simple

Skyler Hardwick says:

I just bought some today after watching your video. It was $18.(plus tax) at home Hardware. They didn’t know what I was talking about when I first phoned..and the Product # that I got on line didn’t come up when I gave it to the first girl..but they put me though to the paint counter, and the girl there said they didn’t have it..but she did know what i was talking about..and when she went to look for another product for me..she Found it..It had just come in on the last shipment, I live in Summerside, PEI Canada, if anyone from here needs to find it. Home depot is an hour away.

On The Edge says:

When you mix water with sodium percarb. You got 15 minutes to use it before it’s completely useless. The oxidizer dissipates very quickly. If you want be remain frustrated use sodium percarb lol. Or bleach the wood areas to clean, then neutralize the bleach while brightening the wood back with oxalic acid. That’s how pros do it! You’ll save a ton of time and money!

Sergejus Agintas says:

Best way ,to use high presuse unit,quik and easy.

Dian Partlow says:

I made it too. Want to know how ? just go to woodprix webpage.

Debbie Bashford says:

good to know for when I finally get one (deck that is)

Marius B says:

this mold eraser contains Sodium bicarbonate and Sodium Percarbonate …a good solution to clean without bleach.

motorcyclelad says:

Thanks my Canadian neighbor! I love the friendliness of my Canadian brothers. Great info!

zbrumbach says:

After brightening the deck what finish do you recommend to help preserve it?

Kev Farthing says:

Confused. You say use within 60 minutes of mixing as it reverts back to its water and oxygen components. Earlier in the video you say leave on for a minimum or 3 hours or even all day for maximum effect.

Takuan66 says:

Where can I find this stuff and how much is it$

Mike Movila says:

Well well well that is terrible

I Plumridge says:

WOW so easy and safe to use.

MultipleChips says:

Is it h2o2 based?

Natural Farming Corvallis Oregon says:

So the product is basically something called oxygen bleach. You can use Ajax instead which costs only 99 cents.

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