HOW TO CLEAN A MOLDY SHOWER (super satisfying clean with me!)

Hey guys! In this video I cleaned a friend’s very dirty tub/shower tile and grout in under 30 minutes. I was told they tried every product on the market to try to make the shower clean and they just gave up because nothing worked. They were even contemplating completely replacing the shower. If you have an old shower, a small bathroom, or an older home, you need to see this video. In this speed clean with me, I’ll share with you my favorite secret for how to clean a moldy tile, grout, and your tub FAST. One product wonder!

Disclaimer: This tutorial was shown on ceramic tile. Always spot check an area before cleaning. Read all warning labels and clean at your own risk.

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brenda sherwood says:

Thanks never thought of that I will be doing this.

Nancy Borja Roberson says:

Love it

djm meade says:

Astonish mold remover is best.
69p as poundstretchers. No scrubbing … Just spray and walk away afew times. Then shower down .. sorted

beatlesgirl says:

This worked for great me! Thanks 🙂

The ELEVEN says:

Cleaning is so satisfying …I totally get it!

Shauntay Belton says:

What about under the soap dish?

Laverne Webb says:

Thank you so much. I always thought when the mold was gone, that that was all I needed to do; I didn’t have a clue that mold spores were still there. I’m going to save this video under favorites.

Nope Pope says:

This video is exactly what I needed. I just moved into a new rental and I’m a bit of a germaphobe. Haha

Nat is my Name says:

Eww sorry I had to cover my eyes because of the mold

dolfo10564 says:

Yo….that tub was filthy

Nina Gehteuchnixan says:

in my country borax isn’t allowed to be used, because it can harm your health.

pavy415 says:

Still moldy but a lot better

esterling109 says:

Can I use this same method on the tiles on my bathroom floor?

Tammee walker says:

It messed up my metal bars ugh

Pam Perez says:

Bleach doesn’t kill mold. Mold gives off spores. You should always wear a mask that filter mold when dealing with it. To kill mold you need tea tree or baking powder and vinager and lemon. Lemon will brighten like a chemical but no toxic fumes. Take all chemicals out of your cleaning regiment. “They” have slow killed us with chemicals. It’s by design. Love you and you are so perky!

Susan Hilsee says:

Can’t wait to try it in my shower.

elohel says:

The overly excited thing you try to do is really annoying.

jean george says:

Hey this works great thanks

Trina Logan says:

Hi from Charlotte!
Thank you so much for this video! I’m going to try keeping up my bathroom with this. #Newsubscriber

Itsmelaurenash says:

THIS. WORKED. Omg! I have tried EVERY other product on the market and this is the ONLY one that has worked to get rid of the mold from our 1970’s bathroom.

MORE1500 says:

Sounds like a good idea but how do you get rid of the bleach smell after you’re done?

grell says:

Wtf this is the exact same tub in my house I rent.. like…

Starkitty * says:

Thank you! We just bought a house from the 80s and one of my bathrooms has that mold. I tried everything. I look forward to trying this!

Jackie Johnson says:

Cool! I’m gonna try it!!!

Rinseroo Lisa Lane says:

Amazing tips and video! If you want to see a super satisfying, quick and easy way to rinse all those walls without a bucket, do a video using a Rinseroo! It’s a new and innovative shower rinsing tool that makes shower rinsing and cleaning super easy. Check it out at

Heather Skipper says:

I tried it and it only worked on a few spots. It didn’t work on the built up parts and it actually damaged the caulk around the tub. Beware when trying things from YouTube.

Ashli Caldwell says:

I know. You don’t have a cat, but any ideas on litter box areas would be fantastic!

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