How to Clean Grout with Bleach

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This tutorial is on how to clean grout with bleach. When you are cleaning grout with bleach, you need to dilute your bleach down to 3 parts bleach plus 7 parts water. Bleach is a great cleaner that can get rid of old, tough stains in your tile grout. For more tips on cleaning grout,

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Jewel Clone says:

Why are showers even built this way?  Why can’t the walls be made of seamless plastic that connects and curves into the tub or floor?

Super Writer says:

Bleach does NOT work. You don’t say how long minimum to let the bleach sit, but you did say “not very long.” I put direct bleach (no water dilution) on darkened grout, then used a spin scrubber device (the equivalent of a bionic hand), and NO DIFFERENCE.

Josephine Woolslayer says:

Very helpful man! I’ve gotta clean the shower tomorrow so this is a big help

Elaine Gambino-Dalsbo says:

Bleach makes me gag.  Can’t stand the smell.  Use white vinegar and get same results.  Make smell like a salad for a couple hours, but way better than bleach smell.

helenOhelen says:

Bleach, the last thing you should put on your grout. It will lift the pigment of the mold, but it will break down your grout and cause it to require replacement. Please don’t promote bad info, do your research first.

mister smith says:

I am sick and tiles of tile and grout. I will NEVER install tile in any place I own again!

E Trac says:


Blake F says:

id leave the room the ten minutes i started drooling which isnt good…

Nancy Pahl says:

I don’t put tile in my rentals anymore because uninformed tenants use bleach, if they even clean the tile at all. On my own tile, about once a month, I use liquid laundry soap, and a scrub brush to clean the white grout around the white tile. If there is black mold under the silicone sealant, you should remove the old sealant and apply a new bead of bathroom caulk sealant. It’s a bit of an art, so.have your landlord/lady do that for you.

Chris R says:

1:53 got really thirsty

Peter Chapurtinov says:

You bath is a pig stye…

roan33 says:

Fuck this. *hires Maid*

Rory Vance says:

My shower is so old… I appreciate quick and easy. It already looks like crap. Bleach stains (from cleaning) usually turn plastics yellowish.

th3azscorpio says:

LOL white folks and their cleaning “methods.” Just take some “Old Dutch” cleanser, or some Ajax, sprinkle it in your towel or sponge, and start scrubbing!

Michael Marcus says:

Want discolored grout? Keep using bleach…Showers are problems, especially with the old fashioned “4” dal tiles”…Try epoxy grout for repairing (less cracking and last a lot longer) If remodeling, go for cultured marble, they come in 4’x8′ sheets, and are seamless…

R. T. says:

Spenser, you definitely need a renovation in you bathrom 🙂

Critique808 says:

You have a lot of bad mildew.  You should use Clorax pen when you starting seeing the mildew before it gets bad like this. 

Spencer Arnold says:

You are so welcome. I am glad it worked well for you. Have a Great Day!

Birgio Armani says:

Another way to do it is with baking soda and vinegar. If you don’t mind the smell for a couple days, but you can still get rid of that easily. Just apply baking soda to a sponge, and scrub away, once the baking soda is coated pretty well have a sponge soaked with vinegar or a spray bottle with vinegar and apply to the grout and tile, should be as clean as new with a little elbow grease.

FreedomWorkShop says:

The instructions weren’t clear. The grout came off and all the tiles fell on my foot. Three of my toes are in the freezer.. waiting for the ambulance.

Charles Thompson says:


Lady Yunaleska says:

great video! thanks for your tips!

Persistent One says:

The problem with this is that the bleach can also take color out of the tile itself, permanently ruining it.

Yobama007 says:

Thanks for this video. Short, sweet, and to the point. Now I know how to properly use bleach. =)

Josh Ya says:

I never use a brush.  Just spray it on and wait 5-10 minutes then rinse.  Makes sure you have the windows open fan on etc.

whoa1225 says:

You have basically saved my life with this info. Worked like a charm however with NO scrubbing needed (and my shower looked NASTY). Thank you!

Ess Man says:

can I buy that bleach in the UK?

Ghostly says:

im going to drink bleach it looks very good im going to try it

Bleach Bleach says:

Yeah Yeah Yeah I know I’m property

Spencer Arnold says:

you’re welcome 🙂

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