How to Get Rid of Toenail Fungus with Bleach – Toe Fungus Journey


In this video, Toe Fungus Journey shows you two methods that will kill nail fungus at home using bleach. Bleach is a powerful home remedy that will eliminate most fungus.

Nail fungus affects millions of people each year and can easily be treated with simple at home remedies such as bleach.

The first method is a bleach foot soak. For this soak, you will need the following:

A tub
Water (warm or cold)
1 gallon of water
1 tablespoon of bleach

You will want to soak your feet once a day for 10-15 minutes.

The second method is using a Q-tip to directly apply bleach to your toenail.

Simply dab the Q-tip into bleach and then apply it directly on to the infected nail. Repeat once/twice a day.


Michael Malloy says:

i’ve had an ongoing battle with toe nail fungus as well. I wash my feet twice a day with dial anti-bacterial soap, then spray my feet with lotramin. seems to be working for me.

bn bn says:

goni moussa


Have u heard of the gasoline treatment? 1. Go to your nearest gas station, fill up gas reservoir, and return home.
2. Find a nice comfortable place, pour some gasoline on your toes, and use a lighter( or match) to light the fire. The fungus will melt right off. PROBLEM SOLVED! Your welcome.

Smith Glenn says:

I’m going to try it , I’ll let you know how it go’s thx.

Danzig Panzer says:

Your video came out in Aug
What is the update?…….do a video on your progress and timeline

joan baczek says:

I tried this and it was too harsh on my feet my skin blisters I used 1 capful to 6cups of water

Brandy Tzu says:

Pour some Sambuca on your toe, light it up, let it extinguish by itself and then lick your toe!

Rex Overbey says:

Step in some cow shit. Wait a couple days and those toes should grow some awesome mushrooms.You might even be able to start your own raised toe farm.

DMSteeley says:

Listen Mr Robot, you can’t trick me into melting my feet off with bleach.

nickyscarfo1 says:

tiger balm has been working for me but is stains your socks.

Lisa Spikes says:

I know it works on athletes foot. I learned that in the Navy.

Colin Box says:

floor tiles as caught the fungus – bleach your floor tiles too. and dismantle your shower cubicle – no cure for that. no wonder your nails look like that…….

Dena Dena says:

But it’s chemical you

Rachell M. says:

Sometimes it’s incredible to see how your toenail fungus begins to disappear within the first few days after applying a very simple homemade remedy lol. Maybe give Sammy Rokernal’s website a chance if you really are serious about finally being fungus free.

M M says:

In this case you just need to get rid of the whole toe!

Brutus b says:

Colloidal silver is way better

sean Whittle says:

I tried this method for around 10 months and it didn’t work

Nomad Patriot says:

So if you have sensitive feet, how do you know it works?

Patrick Simmons says:

My feet are so scaly and cracked from athletes foot it sounds like I’m walking on potato chips. Every one of my toes are fungus caked. I’m gonna try a 50/50 bleach water soak…

Kelly Sheridan says:

Lysol works too.

Pandra Wellman says:

It works better if you cut away the infected area of the nail and then soak! And you beed to use more bleach than this guys using. It’s like he afraid of it! It is better to use it strait!

Bugsy says:

Worst advice ever

Rex Overbey says:


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