HOW TO Get The Cleanest Floors Ever!! | Mopping

This Video is about me Mopping my Floor.
I Wanted to Share with You How you can get the
Cleanest floors Ever!
My Mom told Me about this Mixture.
She is the Best Cleaner Ever.
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J H says:

Great advice! Thank you for sharing 🙂

lilith belle says:

Start by using a clean mop

Grace Clermont says:

All good but please get a clean mop.

Michelle Tsuchiya says:

Thank you so much for this great cleaning tip!

the end18 says:


nikonmother says:

nothing gets the soap scum off my shower tiles!!!! I have tried everything!

Iron 12 says:

just ordered me some fabuloso online…

Lisa Boyd says:

Wow! This is my 1st time watching your channel and I enjoyed this video very much!! Thank you for posting this video, I usually use a steam mop on all my floors but it doesn’t leave that wonderful scent that I know Fabulouso does. Now I’m ready to try your method!

Angie Santini says:

You sure do have a sweet voice. Thanks for the video God bless

itstiny lv_702 says:

I am hispanic my family always use fabuloso to mop and it smells so good.❤ god bless you always and continue to make more videos.☺

silkygm says:

i love the recipe to mop with and agree with it..the shower & bath i spray it with vinegar dawn original and minor amount of liquid laundry soap this recipe iis on you tube i really wipe it down lightly with a microfiber cloth and it cleans amazingly…the miracle shower cleaner on you tube

shane fistell says:

Nice woman.Good cleaning tips,thanks!

william D ayers says:

I use bleach fabuloso gives me a headach especially the purple

The Coin Collector says:

thank you… I’m trying this this weekend… i have the same exact floor as you

Christine Duval says:

I just recently started to use a long micro fiber mop instead of the string one. I always use a stream one and I would use the industrial janitorial yellow mop bucket where you ring out the water really good but after getting older and my back hurting me I just couldn’t deal with that anymore. I like your little solution there and it’s funny that’s what my mom always would use as water and dish soap on her floors. I’m going to try your little deal there but I’m going to put it in the sink because my microfiber thing gets put on so I’ll dip it into that and then mop take it off rinse it off on the other side of the sink put it in the nice clean solution and start all over again I’m anxious to try it. Thank you

Ben Pyka says:

Great video but I have a huge problem that I haven’t been able to find a solution for I have a light porcelain tile with a light tan grout that I can never keep clean it always turns brown in between the tile I wish I could find maybe a spray on cleaner to turn my grout white again do you happen to know of a good cleaner for light colored grout ??

Charles Michael says:

DAWN, Vinegar and Baking Soda….spray on tub or shower floors. Let sit maybe 10 min. Mop….the dirt and grime, I assure you, will be gone. Y’all.

Ann Wright says:

You have the cutest accent, a good deal of enthusiasm and a great concoction to clean floors–too bad we don’t have access to the Fabulosa, so I’ll have to leave that ingredient out or find something else as a replacement.

Karen Daniels says:

Awesome tip! Thanks for sharing.
I have a tip in return: always mop side to side in an “S” pattern to scoop and not push. Hope that makes sense. Love your video!

Aryell Caesar says:

Gonna try this tommorow

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