How to Kill Black Mold Safely & Forever

Watch Steve Maxwell’s 100-second video tutorial covering the basics for getting rid of household black mold safely and forever without bleach.


Asif Ifas says:

Does a strong mix of 6% hydrogen peroxide kill it?

in the winter a corner in my room grows black mould. I can’t open the windows because it’s just bug hotels all around my windows. Sides of the house has tiles whoever thought of that is dumb. So bugs live in every crook and cranny and there’s 100s of them around my window. open the window and spiders and everything come in. so I keep them closed. This is why the mould is growing I know.

But this is it I’m going to try and kill it then spend the money on dehumidifier or something a propper one not the window sill junk.

So yeah will hydro peroxide 6% mixed near 50/50 with water kill it.

The last treatment I did with bleach has given me the look of running blood like the wall is bleeding. I think this must be mould too mixed with the water run off mayb. am I correct.

The biggest problem is space so that area is usually coverd with a wardrobe im glad I just checked it.

Beloved One says:

Best video of all !!! Emphasis on the usage of a “fungicide.”

Eric Stroud says:

I really needed to learn how to do this! Thank You!

Keita Swan says:

I got rental property and I had tried everything before repainted but the mold still remains. I’m not sure that was tenant fault or we didn’t kill all spores. It awful, I have been spent so much energy and time to decorated the property. It only one property that have a problem once it got mold it never gone.

Nicole Carter says:

Thank you for sharing this! I do have a mold problem on my tub!

Wendy Hutton says:

great advice and info thanks

John Ringlingski says:

almost! You told us bleach wouldn’t kill mold spores but you never said what “did”. oh well just another half story video.


great vid keep up the good work

Aliya Daya says:

So important to know! Great information!

red coyote says:

I had

Devon Shubin says:

HEPA vac first, then antimicrobial product wash and dry

Laurie Bolduc says:

Thanks for all the great advice. Definitely going to take advantage of your tips. We purchased our first home in July and the basement in the bathroom is giving us havoc. Leaking and moldy.

Virgil White says:

I have a small refrigerator/freezer in our RV. It had mold growing in it and I finally noticed it. I shut it off, scrubbed it and left the door open to dry thoroughly! I plan to replace it in the rv. My brainstorm is to still be able to use the frig/freezer out back in my BIG shop as a BEER frig. Now the bad frig had quite a few 1 – 2″ mold spots in it on the white plastic wall areas. I was simply wondering if it would be safe to clean it out ETC and then spay paint the inside white again if needed. It has just been sitting unused for a few years. the mold has not grown after scrubbing it out and leaving the door open. A couple hundred bucks could by a feeeew beers for my friends and I to enjoy!! JUST CURIOUS IF THERE WOULD BE A SAFE WAY TO DO THIS??

Red Dragon says:

Im confused af can you give a smaller easier explanation

Debbie Bashford says:

great information

Kawakeb Astra says:

Burned my eyes & lungs ( it felt that way) remediating black mold someone grew for 6 months in my formerly pristine shower. I posted a video on my channel on how I did it… But spores OMG… What fungicide crushes them??? Where do u get it? Bought a $70. Bottle of Tea Tree Oil to spray after showering as prevention & Borax solution. An ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of Cure.

Kathryn Garven says:

good advice, thanks

Wanda Tracey says:

This is very important information to learn about.Thank you for the great advice and awesome video.

joe paredes says:

this video is not helpful

scalabrine playoff 3pt 46% curry playoff 3pt 40% says:

you dumb fuck you didnt say chemical it is

ExitMoldUSA says:

Excellent video Steve. Glad you highlighted the old myth that bleach isn’t the best way to kill mold. We see customers all the time who have tried cleaning mold and ended up with a worse problem just a few weeks later!!

Joel Mahoney says:

Great advice!

Lynda Cook says:

Great information!!

kristen visser says:

excellent information!! very important to know how to do this!

Tricia Hope says:

This is my current torture.Thanks for the fix!

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