How to Make HUGE Gummy BLEACH Bottle Shape Jelly Dessert Easy DIY Gummy Soda Jello!

I know, bleach jokes are bad and old. please



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Daisy Flower says:

Sounds like morty

Shrek Here! says:


The Tem Gamer101 says:


N-Fost210 says:

Narrator kinda sounds like Mr poopy butt hole..

Bill nye the Meme guy says:

He sounds like Morty from Rick and Morty XD

ItzJesus124 Lionbutt says:


Ava Prisk says:

you sound like morty…

SparkiX says:

Wait, wouldnt it hurt to eat that shit? Ian how the fuck are u not dead yet

Llama chan says:

Legit sounds like him lmao

Phil Hayes 3 says:

You sound like morty

CanadianSyrup says:

Is it still drinkable?

Raccoon Chipmunk says:


Angela's Channel says:

u fuckin sound like morty

Forgotten Memes says:

I’m actually going kill myself bc I’m lonely

LuxioSoCool says:

lol idubbz

Isaias Manqueros says:


Cicero says:

This is so much like AWESMR Kids it hurts

Unoriginal Name says:

I tried this out and it was delicious 10/10 would try again

i2FireFly Rekt says:

Now what the help was that

Alolan Girl says:


Javoow Kawaii says:

Thanks I love your videos you always get my son in the mood for some bleach!!!

Parents take your kids off this channel immediately!!!

Fluffy Hugs says:

how to basic taught you well

Sheep Salt says:

Thanks you! Now me and my friends can enjoy bleach without having to gag it up afterwards

DjcinnabunZ says:

he sounds like cool cat.

Madlysupersmash Playz says:

Yeah u need to die fucking hore

memes opie says:

Wtf did I just fucking watch

sprinklesthe Fox2 says:

He actually ate it !!!!!!

Angel Snowflake says:


Luke Callaghan says:

I actually thought this was a video for 3 years so I didn’t click on it

the Spartan says:

what are you fucking gay

SuperSourG says:

I actually thought you were that guy at the behinning

Artemiy khan says:

Did he really taste bleach ?!

Malachi Martel says:

I tried it it’s Goooooood

Ethan Olson says:

I love this new kids channel! could use some Spider-Man and elsa date rape tho
7/10 little boy thumbs ups!

Minty Dust says:

WTF what if little kids see this and try making it and EAT IT?!?!??!!?!! THAT WOULD BE MESSED UP!!!

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