How To Remove Yellow Stains Off A Mattress – Pee Stains Sweat Stains

Hydrogen Peroxide:
Baking Soda:
Dish Soap:
Spray Bottle:
Mattress Protector:

8oz Hydrogen Peroxide
2-3 tablespoons baking soda
drop of dish soap
mix together

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In this video I show you how to remove yellow stains off a mattress. These stains could be pee stains or sweat stains that are on your mattress. This should also work for blood stains.


Tiffany Giuliani says:

Should I take my mattress off the bed before cleaning it?

lester ghost says:

Thanks for the video!

rockintherae says:

You talk way too much.


The only stain I had on my mattress was a period stain, but now it’s gone, thanks to this video. 🙂

Juan Garcia says:

Can you use it on pillows as well thank you

Juan Echevarria says:

It looks like you just flipped the mattress around lol.

sjd97 says:


Jayme Murcia says:

Does this work on pillowtop mattresses?

Laura HaaseYamada says:

Well it lightened up the stains but did not get rid of them completely. Instead of clogging up my spray bottle, I spread some baking soda over the stain and then sprayed the solution on it. I think if you get to the stain quickly you’ll have better luck. I found this stain probably 3 months after my friend’s son stayed over. Oh well, it looks better now than it did!

Weaboo john Brand that unites says:

So its not from my cum uhh….

Nunya Biznaz says:

This concoction is amazing!!!! Totally exceeded my expectations! Just a tip for everyone: instead of mixing in a bowl first. Poor the baking soda in the bottle first, then add the baking soda and dish soap. I used Arm and Hammer Oxi Plus extra strength carpet cleaner so it freshens as it cleans if you don’t want to buy the scented oils. Also I purchased all the items at the Dollar tree so $3 total spent. Also he’s right about the clogging it’s a pain in the butt. I just ended up taking off the nozzle, shaking up the bottle and pouring it in the mattress and rubbing it in with my hands.

Karen Metz says:

Awesome! It actually worked!

Angelena Splat says:

this works even better if the detergent is dawn original

Zane Wiggs says:

Wow you watch a lot of 2 Moms review

Evelyn Dixon says:

I think I can handle this! Thanks

Barnyard Commando says:

Thank you! It worked great!

patel0020 says:

holy fuck.. hurry up!!! stop talking so fucking much. Jesus

Lumumba Shakur says:

This is the same recipe I use to remove cat urine odor from carpets, so it shouldn’t harm your carpet either. Thanks for the second use.

Xavier Velez says:

Im i supposed to spray the whole bottle?

yossi4652 says:


1965fatbob says:

Why did you have to do it naked?

Juan Echevarria says:

Baking soda, I got baking soda. Whip it through the glass ninja.
Whoop whoop.

maximilianmus servant says:

How did this happen

phntsticpeg says:

Worked great, thanks!

Dee J says:

Sure…blame it on the pets..

Cc says:

I wonder what you look like ? Thanx for the tips

Georgianna Conyers says:

I got the mattress clean but now there’s hard baking soda residue on the bed anyone have any ideas on how to get it out?

Ezic Camarador says:

can I use uphostery cleaning machine?

Diane Frank says:

Can this be done if the mattress is flat? Or does it have to stand up?

Gwendolyn Flowers says:

Why not just spray it on really good only?

esperanza Alcala says:

Nope does not work have tried it more than ones and just spread the stain even more. Use Grandma’s secret spray cleans even blood stains ( at Walmart) and it’s natural smell like citrus.

Janik Bollh von horst says:

Bruh you sweat too much

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