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In this video men’s style, grooming and fitness expert, aaron marino of, talks about the different ways to whiten your teeth. Having a white smile and one that you are proud to show off is a good thing. This video goes over some of the best home teeth whitening options as well as some other ways to whiten your teeth.

Aaron Marino of alpha m. is talking about the power of a smile. A smile is one of the most powerful non-verbal communication tools that you have.
When used, a smile communicates happiness, friendliness, joy, and confidence. But if your teeth are dull, discolored, and not pearly, you are not using this powerful tool as often as you should be. As we age, we get stained and discolored teeth. There is good news- whitening your teeth hasn’t been easier! A bright white smile makes you feel good, like wearing new shoes on your face.

How to Whiten Your Teeth:

1. Whitening Toothpaste – not expensive but not effective
2. Professional Bleaching by a Dentist – molds are made and then the molds are filled with a bleaching peroxide gel. You will sit 30 to 45 minutes per sitting. This method is effective with surface and set-in stains. The peroxide doesn’t damage your enamel, but your teeth and gums may get sensitive. Cost is around $500. Treatments needed are around 2 to 3.
3. Laser – bleaching solution is placed on the teeth and then the light speeds-up the whitening process. Tooth sensitivity is reduced, but the cost is between $600 – $800
4. In Home Whitening – options vary from whitening strips, 7-day whitening kit, 16% tray, and 35% professional pack

In Home Whitening Options
Whitening Strips – takes time and consistency
Whitening Kits – 7 Day Smilepacks 11% feature preloaded trays with the whitening agent. Pop in and leave on for 20-minutes, 7 days in a row. Alpha demonstrates how to use. It’s not too harsh with 11% peroxide solution. Downside is 7-days in a row. Smilepack 16% trays, with a stronger peroxide solution, have amazing results.
Professional at Home – this option, Professional Teeth Whitening System, has a 35% solution. Alpha demonstrates how to use the trays and light. This is the closest to professional.

If you are currently not using your smile because you not happy with the color of your teeth, you can whiten at home! Talk to an orthodontist if you need your teeth straightened. It may cost a bit of money, but it will pay dividends in the long. Remember, a white jacked-up smile is much better than a yellow jacked-up smile. If you are interested in the DazzlePro products, you get 70% off with free shipping using the code AlphaSmile!


Dima Boychev says:

To get 70% off, enter *DAZZLE70* I figured it out when I first visited the site they offered me 20% off on my first purchase if I enter my email. I did and they sent me a DAZZLE20 code, but I decided to enter DAZZLE70 and it worked! Got $70 off of my $100 order. ☺️
Code in video description didn’t work for me.

Christopher Thomas Schroeder says:

This is an amazing channel and very funny at times too!!! I love this channel so much!! Thank you for this video too cuz I been asking about this shit for fucking YEARS!!!

s Jones says:

This guy is an idiot.

I thankfully am having mine done through a dentist. 16 % is used in rare circumstances. 35% will ruin your teeth. It isn’t bro talk.

You only get one set of teeth. Ruin them and you will spend a lot more than $800 dollars trying to fix them! Penny wise pound foolish!!
The dentist only uses 6% so 16% and 35% is just asking for trouble !

h praveen says:

They are just leds but you need uv light to activate with hydrogen peroxide to make your teeth whiter but the leds emit heat and thus opening the pores of the teeth and keeps them white for 2 to 4 days and then your teeth is prone to get stained

WillyDilly WonkaDonk says:

70 percentage is a great deal

Angad Singh says:

Why dont you guys just apply some tiege hanley on your teeth.It will make them whiter than white

Fast Teeth Whitening says:

nice video

Sample Text. says:

Red lips + Yellow teeth


Black_dog1127 says:

You sound like a 15 year old girl

persistent Ef says:

This the typa youtuber that steals ideas from other channels

Raindrop Gumdrop says:

Whitening strips never work for me

shalom joshua says:

hey man was that u on that Pigs In Silk Hats video?

eddsterrr b says:

They have the 70% all the time on Dazzle Pro smile , Alpha M Aaron Merino is a SCAM ponzi scheme like Bernie Madoff

super horny lol says:

His teeth remind me of everythingapplepro’s teeth

Panorama Dior says:

Пиздеть не мешки ворочить

risquecat says:

I have partials. One of my “rabbit” tooth don’t match, its because one is fake. The fake one is so much whiter. The real one is looks light brown. Tried many MANY products and nothing works.

Khrombie says:

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends a limited concentration of chemicals in whitening strips. Specifically, they should contain 10% or less of hydrogen peroxide or 35% or less of carbamide peroxide. When you mentioned the Dazzel Pro profesional pack has 35% of “whitening solution” yes you are right with the number ##% but chemicals are different. It sounded like you are comparing the 35% vs 10% so people would go for the 35% solution. It is not that you are getting a 35% of hydrogen peroxide instead of a 10% – 16%.

Цены Посмотреть says:

Ви можете лише зняти зуби з NHS, якщо для нього є медичні причини. Наприклад, це може полягати у полегшенні зубів, які змінилися, тому що нерв помер.
В іншому випадку відбілювання зубів стоматологом або іншим стоматологом може бути здійснено лише окремо, оскільки це вважається косметичною процедурою. Вартість змінюється, і, як правило, лазерне відбілювання коштує дорожче, ніж професійне відбілювання.

Gideon Han says:

Do the whitening strips and preloaded strips make your teeth permanently white?

the real vetren says:

Bleach is poisnes

Technical PK says:

In my country … This product complete kit available only in 3 dollar lol …

Stanten Krasinski says:

What is the thing in his eye

amdrea boris says:


J Only says:

That code doesnt work anymore??

Helena Baby says:

I bought the teeth whitening kit from here , so cheap and nice

Stanten Krasinski says:

His left one


that creepy ass intro

10theJGM says:

Bruh just swish and swallow some bleach, works every time 😉

JKs370Z says:

wtf… looking at the thumbnail, I thought it was dominick cruz for a second…

J says:

I hate these 70% discounts. It just means that the advertised price is hugely inflated to trick people into thinking they’re getting a good deal.

News Now Norfolk says:

Love your videos but gotta ask… is there something wrong with your eye? It looks like your color leaked into the white of your eye…

Razorx 1927 says:

Lol what a rip-off I paid 4$

Always'Faithful says:

So does this shit actually work or is it another typical sponsor video?

Jonathan Van Hassel says:

wouldnt recommend the strips they hurt like hell i stopped using them

Best Of Vines says:

I got mine for free on here

You only need to cover the 4$ Shipping 🙂

Osvaldo Tundis says:

Can you eat or drink anything after treatment?

Soosha EXO-L says:

It’s like he is advertising the product

TheAflammable says:

9 minutes 18 seconds ad really?

A.J. Stafford says:

This guy get laid all the time

Timothy Czar Lim says:

Hi alpha

Emily Singleton says:

If you want to whiten your teeth fast, don’t buy the expensive kits in the store. You can get them for so much cheaper if you look around. I get my teeth whitening kits from a direct supplier for $20, its made in the USA and you get more product than the store kits! You can get one here:

Programming Use says:

the most weirddd thing ever!!! i actually was having the exact blue light thing in my mouth that he had in the video and I found this video accidentally

little froe says:

TMF25 has the kit for $25

SuperZan says:

does this shit even work?

shootcutdeliver says:

Worth watching

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