Instagram Tooth Whitening Trend?!

Chances are you’ve seen a pic of a celeb holding a blue-light mouthpiece claiming it’s responsible for their pearly whites. Cosmetic dentist, Dr. Sako Karakozian joins The Doctors to shed some light on the topic.


Kevin Liebich says:

The Dentist looks like Justin bieber weird

Ben Confluence says:

His advice was “talk to your dentist” listen here broski, you’re on a freakin tv show as an expert and you’re best advice is talk to someone else. You sound like a fortune cookie…waste of my time.

Jose Gonzalez says:

why not just use peroxide to whiten our teeth is much cheaper then going to the dentist.

Brixton Finest says:

Fucking faggot dentists give you shitty toothpaste that doesn’t do shit, and then when a good product comes they want to rule against it, crackheads

BritishGamer says:

Just brush your teeth more often and you wouldn’t need this toy and chemicals

Michael Lann says:

welp i asked my dentist like the dude said and my dentist said “ive done it so i dont see why not”

KtB V Banana says:

It probably whitens the teeth for a few hours, then they go back to their original colour, therefore people buy more of the product.

Casey Freels says:

If you think this guy is going to go public and say this works you must be crazy because he doesn’t want people to stop going to him and spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars

couchlyf says:

This cosmetic dentist really should have researched “the science behind the little blue light” before putting it on blast

MrKido690 says:

Hahaha get back to the dental chair you clown. These things work a treat

Mrawesome40 says:

its the same fucking thing some one tell this baldy to fuck off

Makena says:

That didn’t help at all.

Luka Delic says:

Damn he really said a whole bunch of nothing

harken says:

Hahaha he says you need a lot of power (ex. plugged in rather than portable) to emit UV lighting, we engineers know this is not true (;

Brad Sed says:

Yeah go ask the dentist HAHAHA. What a bullshit.

Hona strange says:

Is that orthodontist Hispanic (Cuban or white

He’s giving me them *I have a b I g dick vibes*

AaroTheLegend says:

he has justin beibers eyes

Mike Studmuffin says:

1:53 hottie alert!

nadia albert says:

Baking soda and sea salt brush 3 minutes

MrWalkforward says:

The lip bite the dentist does in the beginning has me dying!!!

giANT-Man says:

and what happens if your dentist advises against it because they want you to pay for professional dental whitening?

Colton Moore says:

Wow this guy had no clue what he was talking about… in fact he literally says “I don’t know the facts” like why are you here?

MrKido690 says:

Hahaha get back to the dental chair you clown. These things work a treat

Adah Rankin says:

If you want to whiten your teeth fast, don’t buy the expensive kits in the store. You can get them for so much cheaper if you look around. I get my teeth whitening kits from a direct supplier for $20, its made in the USA and you get more product than the store kits! You can get one here:

Beastetic Fitness says:

Mankinds puppet lol

Alex Sage says:

Dumb doctors… The safest way to whiten teeth and improve overall oral health is Coconut oil pulling! it’ll take couple of weeks but it’s safe for your teeth and you’ll have ultra healthy mouth! Don’t ultimately trust dentists, some may lose a lot of business if coconut oil pulling becomes acclaimed.

Moises Raposo says:

“It’s questionable”…. “it’s debateable”… be more direct GUY

Jason Jets says:

dr socko?? is he from icarly lmaoooo

Richard Rojas says:

I don’t drink coffee, I take cold showers.

Jasho Amethyst V8 says:

Smh. This man knows that the product works. Get that “green light, go for it” outta hea

John C says:

Then why in the fuck are you up on stage, he didn’t say anything real important

Maile-Lokelani Magno says:

I like how it was all fine then the girl be like “do you drink coffee Dr.?” “Uh no I don’t.” *TRIGGERED* lmao

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