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rmcandlelight says:

That is such a great tip Rosa!! Thanks for sharing I’m going tomorrow to get some.

puja upadhayay says:

hey , what was the brand name of that hydrogen peroxide you said? I couldn’t hear clearly its name.

Vegan Adventures with Gene & Jenn says:

I’m learning so much here!

Lydia S says:

Great tip. Thanks mama rosa

pam b says:

Thank you for sharing this video. Great tip!

Ganit Clarke says:

Wow, great tip I will be incorporating this.

sheneka nicholson says:

Yes Peroixde is good to clean with also .I use it myself.

I Love You my Jesus Christ says:

i like this:) my question would be, what do you use to keep your bath tub and toilet super white, well especially the tub, because i use baking soda and soap, but its not working too well:/ but i dont want to go back to chemicals they would make me feel sick, i would be sneezing and stuff. i want something like this to wash my restrooms

nikolt2000 says:

mmmmhhmm, yeas honey biscuit

tammymarykay1 says:

Wow, this is fantastic, I’m going to start substituting this, in my family laundry. I wish they sold it in bigger bottles.

created2worshipGOD says:

Bleach was effecting my lungs so I started using this a few years back. It is $1+ at Walmart and the dollar stores in Canada. Thanks for caring to share.

Stacey Price says:

Thanks for the tip. I’m on it now.

Margaret Lowery says:

Loved the video, however, I think Walgreens has it cheaper when it is on sale.

Denise Taft says:

Thanks for that Great Tip Mama U R A Precious Jewel ❤

Jesus Jimenez says:

thats great! I love it… but I would kinda feel guilty about using all that plastic…I guess I could recycle it though.

Endiya Dacosta says:

my dad will love this because he loves hydrogen peroxide we just came from the laundry today and im going to tell him this right now!!! thank u so much your amazing God bless love you mama

Umm Hussain says:

Thank you for this idea because I am in the final stages of preparing my own laundry detergent, and I was wondering what to do for whites…. This video is giving me the idea to go with the Castille soap to mix with the water and essential oil for smell, and make a seperate one for whites only adding this peroxide…. Thanks again!

mznetha says:

Tried this last night and it works. Mama Rosa I went to Walmart today and it wasn’t a 32 ounce bottle of peroxide on the shelf. I said was somebody else in Muskegon, Michigan watching your video yesterday too. Thank you for this excellent laundry tip. Love you.

BecomeNTRTLike says:

Thank You… I love your energy. So funny and informative.

Wonda Elizabeth says:

I use hydrogen peroxide on my colored clothes as well and it doesn’t stain.

L.M. Sims says:

Thank you for the laundry tip Mama Rosa.

YaNVme says:

Hi Mama Rosa, Can you add the peroxide directly into the water along with your laundry detergent? I have an older washer with no separate dispenser for bleach.

Shinelle says:

Yasssssssss honey biscuits I’m tryna tell yall! lol

cathy harrison says:

Just love your videos, what a great inspiration.. I tried the peroxide and it does work. No more expensive Clorox for me and my family.  Thanks and keep those videos coming Mama Rosa

Perdue Queen Gatea says:

HI Rosa was that bottle hydrogen peroxide sorry I couldn’t read it there were quite a few on your counyet top MY your lucky to be able to buy it for 88 cents I pay for a small bottle at the pharmacy 6,50 euro’s we can’t buy that at ordinary stores here you can only as I said at chemists /pharmacy love watching your videos thank you God Bless greetings from Europe Saturday 25th June

jasmia boyd says:

Thank you for sharing. Be Blessed.

Nataliya Prok says:

it’s amazing

android box says:

I subscribed thanks. does it get rid of bacteria? if so, what to use for colours?

Reeta Boop says:

Thank you. I am going to clean Wal-Mart out.

bigpoppapump 1 says:

Can you add the peroxide to wash dishes also. (in addition to dishwashing liquid) ?

SantaClaus HawkeyeNJ says:

My daughter is a nurse. She been using peroxide for years. The peroxide takes out blood stains. Bleach does not.

Sephardi Shalom says:

Very good. I also now use crystal balls/spheres. Found out about in here on you tube. They work. They last for 3 year or 1,000 washes. I also use Dr. Bronner castille soap and baking soda and vinegar for everything else, cleaning and dish soap. Shabbat Shalom.

woodlyne Pierre says:

Thanks for the tip!

patricia endris says:

I put it in a spray bottle and spray dingy , stained, blood, and white dirty shirt collar.

akaziaj says:

Also great for cleaning and disinfecting kitchen counters.

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