Liquid Swimming Pool Chlorine & Bleach Compared

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Liquid swimming pool chlorine and bleach are, in effect, identical. They’re both sodium hypochlorite. This is the active ingredient for killing the algae and other organic mater in your swimming pool. Sodium hypo is great for weekly chlorination and weekly super-chlorination, if you choose to do so.

Bleach is slightly watered down at 8.25 – 8.5% sodium hypo while pool chlorine is a bit stronger at 10 – 15%. Many people have successfully used bleach for years to chlorinate their pools.

I’ve found that 1 gallon of chlorine tends to be a bit less expensive than bleach when purchased from a pool store. The cheapest I found 1 gallon of bleach is $2.94 while a gallon of chlorine is about $2.50. Not a huge difference but over the course of the swimming season the savings can add up.


Jaguar7444 says:

What do you mean looking great? It seemed pretty cloudy. Or this is the “during” do you have a “before” and “after”?

VerifyVeracity says:

The larger bottle on the right would make a nice water storage container. Thanks for the video.

jamus elkins says:

can u tell me how you use liquid bleach in a pool? I have an above ground pool, 14×14, 3.5 ft deep. how long after you add it can you swim, do you add it everyday or every week, what’s the conversion formula for household bleach. thanks

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Bleach taste good

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roy ng says:

Great video, What do you use as conditioner and algae control?

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