Make Your Own Natural Household Cleaners, Ditch the bleach!!

Make your own homemade natural household cleaners!! here I show you how to do it very inexpensively. Ditch the toxic bleach and conventional cleaners!!!

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Morning cleaning routine:

Evening cleaning routine:

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Jady A.


ben YACOB says:

I made the Dawn and vinegar mixture and cleaned our shower….I am hooked! It worked better than the cleaner that I was buying and I didn’t have to worry about the fumes. Thanks!

DiRose87 says:

what is in Borax? I come from germany and we don´t have it here 🙁

toni royal says:

You are truly a blessing, love your videos. Happy New Year, stay blessed

Pamela Wright says:

Great video, for your vinegar & dawn mixture you can add Epsom salt to make it a soft scrub.

Eight Gypsies says:

Great video! I’m a mom of 6, and have been using the vinegar spray for years. I love it.

dashia rahmaan says:

Great Tips…TFS!!!

Whitney Hardoby says:

Will you be my Mom?

MommyOf2Lovelys says:

What do u use for laundry? Do u have a diy for that? if so, please share. Thanks 🙂

Dani Jackson says:

tfs Great Video be blessed

laraborgtor says:

are you sure Borax is safe?

Raquel Brito says:

Hi! I’m from Brazil and The Borax we have here has the following formula: Na2B4O7.10H2O. Is it the same?Another question: What is Dawn? Like a detergent?Does the toothbrush tastes like vinegar afterwards?Thanx for the video!!

Juanette LaForge says:

What do you use to clean your mirrors?

Adriana's Corner says:

I use vinegar and dawn for cleaning also… And only used borax for my diy detergent but now I’m going to use it in my bathroom as well thanks!!!!

Valerie H. says:

Where did you buy the purple vinegar spray bottle? Your videos are amazing!!

denysgill says:

Very good video! Thank you!!

Muneera Makeem says:

what can i use instead of dawn? cant find it here in my country 🙁
btw love your video! please keep it coming !

Andrea Theroux says:

You have inspired me to pull out my vinegar and make some safe cleaners! I am currently pregnant and have hated cleaning because of the harsh chemicals. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!

Terri Chalnick says:

great video!!

bellamelissa87 says:

this was a great video. my husband always makes fun of my vinegar cleaners. he thinks they don’t clean well and I’m always telling him they are extremely safe and 100% effective. The essential oil I always pull out during this time of year is Thieves. I spray it on the door handles, light switches and surface areas.

thanks again for sharing I’ll have to invest in some borax. usually I just use vinegar and baking soda on my tub and shower.

Karolina Mizdal says:

what is Dawn? i can’t translate to Polish

Momma Schmooze Reviews says:

i’m gonna try the vinegar and dawn for my toilet now. I hate the bleach smell! I’ve been using vinegar and water for my glass cleaner for months now and love it!

rapidfallsfarm says:

What laundry detergent do you use? What do you use to wash your floors? I use dawn and water on my wood floors & laminate tiles in bathroom and it works great! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Angel L. Santiago says:

Love your videos! Do you use Borax for laundry?

Stephanie Alvarez says:

Thank you for sharing!

Megan Harrison says:

This is awesome! Everything is so simple to make and cheaper than regular cleaners. Safe,cheap & easy! Thanks so much for sharing

Proud Mom says:

Dawn + white vinegar= neatness.

yahkelela LiveByYahsWord says:

using baking soda would probs be a good one to mix vinegar

juzanne says:

thanks Jady so much for your natural cleaning products video. I did exactly what you said and I’m truly relived by how beautiful clean my home has become and how I’m filtering the toxics from our home by transitioning to natural products and living. Thank you for sharing your life and educating me to provide a healthier lifestyle for my family.

Tips N DIY's says:

great video

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