Miracle Laundry: bright-white sheets!

Here is how I get my sheets to be bright-white every time. It’s so easy and cheap. Enjoy!

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Annie Williams says:

Did you see the sheets and a ball when she opened up that machine that is why they don’t come clean and clothes are like that too it’s not the detergent like I said it is the machine this type of machine get a top loader these are horrible machines all of them

around the house with cheryl says:

Thanks for sharing. Great tip.

Richard Piccolella says:

Use a clothes line. Very best secret.

Cynthia Ennis says:

What is the amount of each? I use vinegar.

cat sniffer says:

Some sort of dryer balls instead of dryer sheets. The wool ones are supposed to work nicely. I can’t use those though due to allergies, and there are other materials that work to https://www.amazon.com/Wool-Dryer-Balls-Alternative-Softener/dp/B014WOWNAY/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1533061337&sr=8-3&keywords=dryer+balls+anti+static

rosebudforglory says:

It works pretty good but I don’t like the vinegar smell. I think 20 mule team borax our grandparents used works very well and gets out odor. But I use sodium percarbonate (granular hydrogen peroxide) as a safe method to clean, disinfect and deodorize laundry. Can also be used to clean your house, deck, in with carpet cleaning mix, to soak stained clothes like old linens etc. You mix 1/8 to 1/4 cup depending on load in a qt jar or more with hot water to dissolve and then pour into washer before running. This can be bought in 2 lb tubs , 4 for $20 enough to last all year really from the Chemistry Store website. This is the active ingredient in oxiclean and sure beats their prices when you are getting a little bit of active and the rest is cheap filler. This way you get the pure product and can adjust to the task at hand. It is also what’s in Tide with oxiclean etc. Pour hydrogen peroxide on your dirty deck and what it fizz – sodium percarbonate does the same when you mix it as note in the recipes on the store’s website with hot water and then spray it on the deck, house etc. It is only water and oxygen when mixed so it doesn’t hurt anything. However, after mixing don’t leave it covered as it will build up pressure from the fizzing etc – so don’t mix and cap. Great product.

Christine Bean says:

The REAL REASON WHY! You all use too much soap, bleach, fabric softener, conditioner and can’t get these chemicals back out then you cook them in, in the dryer.

You can soak them in Borax it will release most of these toxic chemicals out of your laundry.

Better yet let’s all get educated and insist on greener machines, make a big noise, about chemicals.

More than 3 decades ago I saw an ultra sonic sound machine that washed clothes sheets… With no soap bleach whitener, softener just h2o, sound waves and spin pump. Washing machine, filled up, sound waved, spun out no agitating no soaking. Go figure?

801Milcah says:

Why not use chlorine?

Sylvia Basas says:

Go straight to the point …less talk please

Jessica Rusch says:

Mixing vinegar and baking soda causes a chemical reaction which produces salty water. You’re cleaning with salt water.

Annie Williams says:

It’s not your detergent that you’re using bleach is good as long as she used the right amount so is baking soda and vinegar absolutely Wonder full but it’s your machine everybody has the same problem with these machines you need a top loader these machines do not get clothes clean everyone I know has the same problem you have to pre wash the stains beforehand and you could only put one sheet and it time with that type of machine to get it somewhat clean because of this machine it just stirs the clothes upside down in the stains are still unknown when you take him out you have to use very small loads like I said before I hate these machines and everybody I know hates them especially when you have children you will see that they do not get the stains out regardless of what type of detergent you use this machine only uses 3 gallons of water all of this model same 3 gallons of water buy yourself a top loader younger people don’t realize this but ask your mother these machines are horrible I don’t care what kind of model it is what brand they are horrible and overtime you use this machine and you think it’s the same won’t come out it’s the machine not cleaning the item that you’re putting in there and it just builds up it’s just Water Circle and emotions upside down I know I have repeated myself but it’s so true take them to someone with a top loader and you will see the difference

Anna Ferrini says:

. M V

Luis says:

Baking soda is much better than regular detergents

Em22 says:

Ughh, I need something that whitens delicates, like bras, tank tops, and hand washed shirts… My water is Wicked HARD, and turns EVERYTHING yellowish and grey, esp where my deodorant lands. It’s so frustrating, bc I don’t want to use bleach, or anything harsh on bras, and I wash them by hand. Anyone?

Maria Lezana says:

So basically baking soda and vinegar cleans everything….

Jancy Mol James says:

I mix vinegar and baking soda and pour it into the fabric softener compartment . Was totally happy with the cleaning power. Next time will try your method . Thanks !

Shakina Riley says:

Really amazing

lady lp says:

Definitely gonna try these on my hubby work shirts

Fritula 6 says:

l noticed the lady’s whites in the dryer are still yellow.

Anna Ferrini says:

. M V

auhseylij J says:

You don’t need dryer sheets when you have the softening vinegar Fabric softener and sheets contain formaldehyde.

Lucie Talavera says:

Thats true what you says!

Edouard Chehab says:

Wow this worked better than all the other methods i’ve used! My sheets and pillow cases are still a little yellow but much better than before!

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