Mixing Bleach and Dawn – People Spreading Lies – 24 Years Nothing Happened !

So tired of the lies, Mixing Dawn And Bleach won’t cause any harm what so ever ! or toxic gasses !!
You have been lied to, and even worse your buying into trash Majic snake oil.
Funny how 90% of the real professionals have been doing work the same way for over 20 years with the same 5 chemicals that work perfect !
Don’t believe everything you read.
Want proof. Look up these two terms on Google..
1 – Salt is good for you.
2 – Salt is bad for you.
And another thing I’ve noticed lately is a lot of guys claiming to being a business for 10, 15, even 20 years.. And your not even 3 years in business!

Dawn History

Proctor & Gamble introduced Dawn in 1972, but only to a small test area.

In 1976, Dawn was released across the entire United States. This was the original blue Dawn with original scent.

In 1978, the International Bird Rescue Research Center received a grant from Chevron to test the effectiveness of dish soaps to clean oil-soaked birds.

This study determined that Dawn was the best product for cutting through the oil.

In 1989, after the Exxon Valdez oil spill, Dawn was used to clean up the oil-soaked birds that were victims of the spill.

Original Dawn

The original Dawn is believed by many to be a superior product to the modern Dawn.

I do know that the Original formula was updated around 1987.

Then in 1996, the original Dawn was taken off the market altogether.

It was replaced by……..

Dawn Ultra

Dawn Ultra replaced the original Dawn around 1996.

The Dawn Ultra product page states that it “contains double the everyday grease cleaning ingredients in every drop versus the leading non-concentrated dish soap.”In my opinion, the Ultra formula increased the amount of surfactants, which are substances that lower the surface tension of water. This decrease in surface tension allows the water to be able to interact more readily with substances we would like to remove, like oil and grease.

I suspect that other ingredients, such as enzymes, were reduced or removed.

Now this is not necessarily a bad thing for us.

We don’t always want or need enzymes in our homemade cleaners.

In the Easy Homemade Laundry Detergent recipe, the high levels of borax and washing soda might destroy the enzymes.

We would possibly be wasting money if we made this homemade detergent using a more-expensive Dawn with enzymes.

A very acidic homemade shower cleaner would be the same way. The acid levels in the shower cleaner would destroy the enzymes.

For this reason, I prefer to use Dawn Ultra in such cleaners. Why pay for enzymes when they would be wasted



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