My Favorite Cleaning Products and Appliances/ Tools- Dyson Cordless Vac- Spin Mop- Bissel Steam Mop

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Hey guys! These are my favorite cleaning products and tools! Almost everything mentioned is linked for you below!

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Products Mentioned:

Spin Mop:
Method Wood Cleaner:
Method Wood Cleaner Polish:
Dyson V8 Absolute:
Bissel Steam Mop:
Bleach with Pinesol:
Ella Belle Oils:
Gain Laundry Detergent:
Swavitel Fragrance Pearls:
Mrs. Meyers Lavender Spray:
My Tripod:

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My Dyson Vacuum:

My Shark Rocket Vacuum:

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Kristin's Chaotic Life says:

I’ve always wanted to try the method products. Maybe a trip to target is in my near future… Great video!

Sarah Bennett says:

I just learned that all the different versions of Clorox other than the original formula don’t kill germs. I had no idea. So I’ve gone back to the original.

Jamie Eckert says:

I can’t wait to finish up with the laundry products I’m using now and try yours Jessica. Loved this video and love you. Always look forward to seeing new videos from you!!!

Cathy S says:

I have the bissell steam mop and my scrub pad stained as well. Looks dirty but it’s not. Great video. TFS

Chassity Ratliff says:

I’m so glad I have found someone who loves Suavitel as much as I do!!!!!! I’ve been using it for years…nothing compares!

Melissa Walker says:

I know this isn’t a new video but I’m binge watching after subscribing a few days ago. I use peroxide and super hot water in the wash with my steam mop pads or no chlorine bleach. Regular bleach turns some materials grey so that may have been what happened.

chelcie harrison says:

Am I the only one that likes the smell of cascade xD

CookCleanAndRepeat says:

I’m obsessed with my method products… But haven’t tried the wood cleaner. It’s next on my list!

Amanda Dobbs says:

I love those Dollar Tree scrub brushes! We buy blue for the kitchen, red for cleaning bathrooms & green for our guinea pigs’ cage. So handy & cheap!

jensanityy says:

Isn’t it crazy how your husband’s clothes smell so amazing on him, even though you wash yours in the same stuff??? lol I’m always amazed at how good mine smells

Shadow Of Grace says:

Have you tried Pyrex Crystals? I love them – they smell great, have a bunch of different scents, and cost less than any of the other laundry fragrance boosters I’ve seen.

Joia LaRae says:

New to your channel, I love your videos! I’ve heard lots about the spin mop, I just might try it.

Alma Almaraz says:

Hi Jessica, I know it must be hard to recommend something that maybe you haven’t used, but I am debating if to buy the same steam mop you have or the Shark Steam Pocket Mop. What do you think?

Christine C says:

Binge watching!!! Xo

pinkskyprintables says:

OMGosh! Your daughter is adorable! They both are 🙂

Amanda Costa says:

I love those candle holders in background, where did you get them?

Elizabeth Chase says:

I’m hooked on the Mrs Meyers products! Great video!

Linda Simpson says:

Great video. Also, how did you get your eyebrows so perfect? They look great.

Lori says:

Thanks for the coupon code I did purchase the oils. I plan to gift a few with a small diffuser and I’m super excited to use the grapefruit in my homemade cleaners.
I’m not sure if I saw you make the cleaners or just use them. I’d love to see a diy with those.
Do you have favorite soy candles? Right now I love the glade cinnamon, but want a soy alternative. I have a target soy candle and they burn so long, but it isn’t cinnamon.

Cindy Cain says:

Great video. I will try the laundry trio. Thank you for sharing with us. Both of your daughters are beautiful. I have 3 granddaughters, little girls hold a special place in my heart.

Heather Kate says:

You made me feel so much better, I am the EXACT same way about my hands!! Love your channel!!

Elizabeth Chase says:

What oil diffuser do you use?

Jade Boweng says:

So you have 2 mops? Is it for different surfaces or do you just like to switch up?

Minimalistmomlife says:

Pinesol needs to sponsor you!!!

lindseys lifeNstyle says:

I have yet to try the method wood cleaner but need to! My favorites are similar to yours!!

Tamela D says:

I absolutely love the gain scent beads. I’ve really been wanting to try a steam mop lately.

Bianca Lila says:

What do you recommended as air detergent pluggings or something to keep the house smelling amazing or the diffusers do the trick?

Baglady 80 says:

Loved this video! Something so satisfying about watching a cleaning product video. Hey jess I use the suavitel pearls in little mesh bags I found at Michaels and put one in the trunk of my SUV. It smells amazing, also put some in our mud room in a small cup on a shelf no one can see at eye level and it’s worked better than my bath and body works plug ins for much less too. Also try to Zote soap it’s a big pink block in a white wrapper with red writing (I think, haven’t used in a while). When we visit our fam in Mexico some of them still hand wash clothes the old school way, that soap removes everything. You look beautiful as usual

Taylor B says:

I changed to using original gain and sauvitel softener and in wash scent booster and omg thank you so much it’s seriously amazing!!! Best laundry combo I have tried plus it’s a bit cheaper that what I was using before!

A mommy's life vlog says:

I have been eyeing the shark rocket because the Dyson is my dream vacuum but way out of the budget for now. I know you have/had the rocket do you think it is good for hard surfaces with a pet? The broom never gets everything and I want to feel like I’m getting a deep clean on the floors!

Laura Hales says:

Honestly try the laundry detergent Dreft! For my wedding I used my mom’s veil and it was horribly stained due to age. The bridal shop told us to take the veil and set it in a bucket with water and Dreft and just let it soak. It looked brand new and went right back to white!

Jazmin Bello says:

Why do you use a spin mop if you already use the steam mop? I’m asking because I have a steam mop & I’m wondering if the steam mop isn’t enough

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