My “Miracle” Laundry Whitening Solution

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Dingy whites happen to be one of my biggest pet peeves! I have spent WAY too much of my life trying to figure out how to get whites back to their original “whiteness”, and this solution turned out to be the answer I was looking for. Give it a try, you’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes!


Jordan Hansen says:

Blah blah 1:00 to start

Cj Mtz says:

Will this work when u wash ur white clothes with a red shirt my 80 dollar hoodie turned pink

Sn00py says:

Interesting with the dishwasher detergent… I use a tablet to clean my washer and for a fraction it works better than ahhh-fresh

Three Percent Man says:

What if you have a little piece of colored fabric on a white shirt? Can I still use this?

James Fogg says:

Automatic dishwashing detergents contain sodium hypochlorite (Bleach), even if they’re powdered. If anyone is thinking of skipping the liquid bleach to use this on colors you’ll still have bleach in the mix from the dishwashing detergents and will probably cause colors to run.

CitizenOWorld says:

Thank you, Jillee! Do you think gel dishwasher soap could be substituted for the powder?

Mr Locorio says:


fialee8 CA says:

Won’t that bleach “eat” (degrade) the fibers… and thus your whites wear out faster? Heck, if you soak your whites in bleach a 50/50 solution, it’ll be white-white, but will have holes after a few washings.

Pasa Dena says:

baking soda and vinegar is easier and works great 😉 ..if u dont have all these ingridients

Kronos0415 says:

She lost me at bleach. Your just mixing chemicals now. Makes it white, while destroying the fibers.

Lorena Torres says:

I have a shirt that whight but has color on it I have a lot of them pictures of pizzas and aninals kids shirts what can I do to wash them they always blead to each other idk what to do

Isaiah Soto says:

That colored comment was racist

zamil 666 says:

we have automatic washers not old fuckin things like that

clambarn says:

I thought that chlorine bleach turns polyester yellowish. What fabrics are you whitening?

Proton1 says:

No bleach, thanks. Bleach destroys fabric.

richardm says:

throw some muriatic in there too!

Anthony Sanford says:

I do the Landry because my wife and kids are lazy

chad thomas says:

Does it really work thou? I didn’t notice the dingy mattress pad before then after..I’ve already tried the adding baking soda w vinegar (which I always add to all my laundry) even let soak for overnight and my white sheets r still dingy..sooo…I really really really want to see a before and after to see if this really works.

Dylan Harness says:

Needs a before and after Jilee

Rachel M says:

Hi! I have a black and white bathing suit that I absolutely love. But the white parts have turned kind of dingy and yellowed. Any recommendations for making the white parts white again without ruining the black parts?

Veronica Cobian-Castillo says:

How to you do it on an upwright machine?

Indra Bidjai says:

I’am Gonna try This to keep my white clothes real white
What is Borax?
Is it the same like Baking Soda?

Sullivan Galindo says:

Where r the results

Todd bob says:

In today’s world they say DONT use Chlorine bleach as it will just yellow your whites….tide has a great pod that desolves and the bluing bottle for whites is also amazing.   NEVER put regular soap in your washing machine.

Hell55 Drake says:

My wife tried using this on her stained underwear, there white 100 percent cotton, the kind old ladies wear, it didn’t work. she was going to throw them out but I convince her to give me a chance, I soak them for 24 hours in turpentine, it worked great but now I’m having problems getting the smell out, HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

Megazone Music says:

No vinegar in your recipe?
Can you add vinegar to the rinse cycle for an added brightness?

Young Gunz says:

nice rack

Joseph Giddings says:

will this work with a white shirt with blue and black stripes

Linda Soderberg says:

Never use bleach in hot water. I would have let the item soak in the hot soapy solution first until it cooled down (several hours). Then spun the well dissolved soapy solution out, remove the item (using gloves), fill to same level with cold water, add Chlorox liquid bleach, agitate or stir, then re-add the soapy item making sure it is completely covered with the bleach water, and let sit overnight.

Elizabeth Hamilton says:

You lost me at chlorine bleach! I can get things whit and remove all stains with a large container of very hot water and baking soda. Soak for about an hour , hand ring excess water and soda out, throw in washing machine pour in detergent and wash in hot water. No harsh chemicals needed. Works great!

nancy kopuz says:

i used bleach on my white towels and it made them yellow?? i was sooo confused. they were white before the wash and came out yellow. does anyone know why? also how can i restore them. im scared of using bleach again. can i leave the bleach out¿

Michael Kalmykov says:

Before and after pics?

Edmundo Zaragoza says:

Fucking Becky…you are terrible at explaining shit

Julio Ayala says:

I saw this earlier today and no the the items… woooowww!!!!!….. my dingy white undershirts were that pale gray old white crap…….. and now… yes!!! They are totally white and no sweat stains under the arms pits area. !!…. thank you for the tip.

Paupers Budget says:

So how do you get the water to not go full before you start to do the agitation? I use the laundry in my apartment building. . .I have thing slike t-shirts that need to be whitened and unders as well.

Lydia 1 says:

This didn’t work for me 🙁 I think my sheets are doomed

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