Oxygen Bleach is Awesome! (Laundry University)

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Welcome to the first installment of Laundry University – a new series here at Clean My Space which will tackle all of your laundry questions. In this episode, Melissa Maker talks about Oxygen Bleach as a safe and natural alternative to chlorine bleach. Get your whites whiter, keep your colors looking stronger and tackle the toughest laundry stains using this simple, yet highly effective laundry room staple!


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Alyssa Brown-Carleton says:

I wish I had used it when we did cloth diapering. I’ve been using it especially with my 4 yr old twins laundry and its been great.

Linda Masing says:

I use it for everything and have used it as long as it has been an option. chlorine bleach is very hard to use but it still has its place. dishwasher during flu season. Real cotton anything and my dish towels (flour sack ones.) toilet and bathroom sinks.

created2worshipGOD says:

Mostly hydrogen peroxide and/or baking soda for cleaning, however occasionally I use oxygen bleach or washing soda in my laundry. I stopped using chlorine bleach and other cleaners because 1) my doctor noticed it was harming my lungs 2) the smell is unbearable and 3) it was affecting my hands.

K P says:

We use both at our home, but Chlorine bleach is used more frequently bc of pet clean ups and treating stains for all the white towels and sheets we have. I moved to all white towels a year ago and what a time saver. I have had very mixed results pre treating kid stains with O bleach. I go back and try every few months and am still disappointed compared to the normal pre treat solutions.

Oyuki Ortega says:

Melissa i have a big favor to ask… Can you do a review on the Roomba vacuum cleaner please

PaganVoodooGypsy says:

I use both, but mostly oxy bleach. I’m phasing out chlorine bleach because of the fumes. My favourite aunt was a die-hard bleach user and wound up with lung cancer. The doctors called it “environmental cancer.”

Stephani Hunter says:

Thanks! I know is there are things about oxygen bleach. I totally avoid chlorine bleach. Could you do another video with some DIY recipes or Solutions for it similar to those you’ve done for other basic products?

Evelyne Ngugi says:

Thanks for the video Melissa.. I always learn sth on your channel!

sowelu66-Ann says:

In a community kitchen I attend, we are asked to use a bleach/water spray, to mist all the counters, sinks & floor, after we clean & before we leave. I was told it was the final step in a good cleaning & disinfecting routine. Would an Oxygen- Bleach/Water mist be safer?

MsHe1en says:

Chlorine bleach is the only thing that could remove mold on my shower curtain

Juli Jones says:

I’ve always used chlorine bleach for cleaning toilets and sinks because I didn’t know I could use oxygen bleach for that type of cleaning, I use oxygen bleach in my laundry because it’s safe on colors.

MsHe1en says:

I love your hosting style. Very natural and straight to the point!

Sugarr Lilys says:

when your lipstick matches the shirt hanging in the background 😀

Susan N says:

I love oxygen bleach! I buy “Awesome Oxygen” from Dollar Tree and it is truly “awesome”!!

jayashree rana says:



I have always use chlorine bleach because I like the clean smell it gives my house plus it gets bacteria of the other cleaners don’t however lately my hands and my skin has gotten really sensitive and cracking and dry and I’m having to go all natural is this oxygen bleach natural and easy on the skin

croccatcher says:

I don’t use any bleach can’t stand the smell of it and isn’t good with my asthma, I use white vinegar instead

Annabel Glas says:

I use both! Oxygen bleach for my laundry and chlorine bleach for grout.

Bri San says:

Top reasons why I don’t use chlorine bleach:
-It yellows items and clothing. Ruins darks.
-Can’t use it remove stains from colored fabrics.
-There’s no stain oxi bleach can’t remove from any type or color of fabric.
-its harmful to breathe and touch, why would I needlessly expose myself , others and pets to it? When I know it’s a carcinogen?!

Gina H. says:

You look so cute pregnant!

Joe Smith says:

I see a lot more laundry in Melissa’s future 🙂

True Life Average Jane Vlog says:

I use both, all around the home.

David Gomez says:

I just noticed that you showed the tub of OXY Clean. Was this sponsored by them or is that the brand that you prefer?

Annika Danielsson says:

I use both Oxygen bleach for laundry and chlorine for cleaning.It’s so wonderful to clean with chlorine because they smell bathhouse afterwards and I like it.Oxygen bleaching is great when you have had their period, so the red week that I call it for the faiths will be shining white afterwards.I must take this opportunity to wish you a lovely lovely glossy glittery Happy new year.<3 <3 <3

Eva Beck says:

I’ve been using and taught my daughter to use oxygen bleach for years. A combination of oxygen bleach spray then powder and then followed by oxygen bleach spray again on all kinds of stains as this combination takes out all kinds of stains. For regular wash I’ve taught my daughter to use 50% oxygen bleach with 50% GAIN liquid detergent.

Ana Montero says:

Ok so totally not related but I used to watch your videos all day long when I was pregnant and now I have a two-week-old baby girl and she just stopped crying all of the sudden when I turned your video on oh my goodness I am so happy and this is so so cute I hope you get to read this message

Brooke Beathler says:

How much is the Large space kit?

terry crane says:

I stopped using chlorine bleach many years ago when I found out it is illegal in several countries. I do not want to add chlorine bleach to the world water supply. So many other products to use like oxy bleach powder.

Clarissa Janes says:

does oxygen bleach whiten things as well as chlorine bleach? I have a fully white bed and while I don’t care for chlorine bleach I want it to stay pure white, the whole reason I have white bedding is because colored bedding gets stains that I can’t remove (since sometimes I don’t get to them right away) and it can’t be bleached away

Marie Olsen says:

Both. I use both. I use oxygen bleach on every load. On some whites, I have used chlorine bleach & not oxygen bleach. Not sure exactly why. It’s rare that I use chlorine bleach because it can splash & ruin my clothes.

Karolina says:

You look gorgeous 😉

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