reload HOW TO MIX BLEACH for Pressure Wash / House Wash Jobs

Please donate directly to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital @ I am bringing this video back from retirement in order to answer the many questions received lately asking how I mix bleach. If you already seen this video, I apologize but perhaps a refresher isn’t bad after all?! Want More Pressure Wash Videos?

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Cliff Metcalfe says:

Just a warning with dish soap such as Dawn or Joy…read the label and you’ll notice that it says DO NOT ADD BLEACH. The mixture of these soaps with bleach create harmful airborne carcinogens. Use laundry detergent such as Gain which are safe to mix with bleach as a surfactant.

erka001 says:

Hi Dan!
In Europe we hardly have vinyl covered houses, we have much more plastered walls (sand or cement variants mainly, but also a lot of what you call stucco I believe), so do you think this would work the same way? Do you come across houses like that?
Cool videos, thanks!

Daniel Gonzalez says:

Could you do a video on that

Terry Hamilton says:

Hi Dan. Thanks for the info. can you use the same 1 pint of 10%SH to 3 quarts of water mixture to clean roofs?

Joe Bon says:

hey Dan I got a question for you, what backpack sprayer can I use to reach a second story because I realized the chemicals mix 20 – 1 in the pressure washer I would like them to be a little stronger therefore wanting to use a backpack sprayer the chemicals I use are a little expensive where can I get some 10% bleach and is it safe to use on all surfaces?

Henry C says:

can this mix be use on clay tile?

ThaMazda says:

What do you recommend with a house that hasn’t been pressure washed in 5 years that has heavy grim and green? Also a quarter of the house has a unprotected wooden porch.

jludtxs says:

How would you mix the 56.44% calcium hypochlorite powdered bleach shock ? My washer is the green Portland from Harbor Freight and has the siphon bottle that only holds 11oz. I have the Purple Power pressure washer detergent from Walmart. For vinyl siding, would you start with just the bleach to pre-treat?

Mike Skidoo says:

Bleach is not a surfactant. Bleach cleans nothing. It lifts no grime and dirt. It discolours and kills bacteria. That’s it.

rafael castro says:

I have seen practically every pressure washing video on youtube, but Dan’s is definitely the best!

Chuck rohrer says:

Dan just used 1 to 4 , 10% bleach with some Dawn it worked great water down plants first and after what a different thank you

kevin parker says:

You say that you’re licensed… What type of license do you have ?

Mark Marchand says:

I’m just starting out and I really like your video posts.

rafael castro says:

which one goes into the machine hose, it has no arrow showing

Henry C says:

ok, thank you for the quick response

Ana Garcia says:

can I use bleach on my 3400 psi dewalt pressure washer?

Giovanni Troiano says:

That math though LOL recipe breakdown 101

Matthew Wright says:

Thank you for taking time to help.

rafael castro says:

how long is the wand you use, I was thinking of buying a 36 inch one.

James Tyrone says:

So I’m just starting my business and the only place I can find that sells this bleach only sales 12. how would I mix that properly or would you suggest me using other types of cleaners.?

Double D says:

Dan Thanks for sharing video on ratio mix. I found out today why you must have a minimum of 4 GPM. I was using my 2.5 GPM Washer today and put pink tip in to do second story and was not quite able to reach the gable points on second story house. I figured if I had the extra 1.5 GPM then would of had no problem reaching gables. Any way, keep up the good videos.

Donnie Dunn says:

Hey Dan quick question. You say run 8.25 or 10% straight thru your downstream injector. My question is: your pressure washer is 4 gallons a minute? It works well with yours. How well will it work with my 8 gallon a minute pressure washer? Will it be diluted down to much?

rafael castro says:

Thanks to your videos I am starting a business here in South Jersay, and got a call today for a job. I will let you know how I am doing, thanks

Elizabeth McKenna says:

Can you get off the damn chair and just show us!

Anna Ibarra says:

Thank you very informative. Just learning for my own use at home.


Great video dan

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