Removing Hair Color WITHOUT Bleach!? | Hair Experiment

HAIR EXPERIMENT TIME! In my quest to remove my semi permanent hair color without bleach, I tested two common tips you find online- dish soap and dandruff shampoo (Head and shoulders). I show my before, after, and everything in between. Have you ever tried to get color out of your hair? Did you cry in the bathtub too? I hope its all better now 🙂 Love you!

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Katniss DeHaan says:

u save my life

Breanna Delong says:

I just found you, and now I’m obsessed haha

Amanda Nichols says:


rosalyn mejia says:

Chocolate brown.

Allie Official says:


Jade says:

I have the same hair colour and I get it lavender by over using purple shampoo. DONT apply more purple if you’re trying to get rid of purple! Haha noooooo

Noelle Johnson says:

You are so funny! Usually women who are so put together are very serious (don’t know why). I have never subscribed to anything before but I wanted to encourage you to keep helping us with our beauty mistakes.

Vanilla Jewel says:

Dawn didn’t work on my hair pout

Luna Blue says:

I Love it the way it is! But, I’m about to take the purple out of my hair too and go back to blonde. The purple and blue I have right now is so beautiful and I really don’t want to take it out, but I feel like people are so not ready for this in the town I’m from:-( People are really A-holes about it and give me the worst looks.

emxx Llll says:

U talking to much

Naomi Ortiz says:

You should dye ur hair deep red with bright orange baylage

Heather Gunneman says:

I love your lipstick! What color and brand is it?

Angela Williams says:

I had a silver toner put in my hair to strip the copper out of my hair. I had to use Dawn to get it out. I washed it over and over again til it was back Platinum. U gotta scrub hard and brush or comb through the hair, rinse and then repeat

Torey Ramsey says:

The vitamin c tablets really worked for me

Katie Leigh Hilton says:

Straight up your humour grabbed me with the comment at the start! New sub xx

Tami Nonya says:

Love your make up!

Mercedes Harbold says:


Badd Princess says:


Merari Lopez says:

is it got to be that head and shoulders?

lisas random videos says:

i made my blue hair go in 3 washes, just covered my hair with lots of dish soap and head and shoulders, let it soak in for quite awhile then added coconut oil and more dish soap and head and shoulders on 3rd wash left on head for an hour nd all came out only had blue for one day, now its silver to light ash

crypandora66 says:

Puts purple conditioner on lmao “it didnt work as i hoped”

Morgan Vorster says:

red hair

Mel M says:

Dandruff shampoo always helps to lift the colour, works pretty well when you add lemon juice and backing soda. I have done it to get out my blue colour I had. Didn’t like it. After two days it was gone. Thanks for sharing!! Super video!!

Rose marie says:

Guys don’t do this it left my hair feeling like hay

EmoCharrie14 says:

If you let the dishsoap sit in your hair for about and 1 hour – 1 hour and a half, the color would come out a lot more. And same with the vitamin C pallets!

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