Requested: ASMR Clorox Fraganzia Spring Bleach + Comet


Sam Holman says:

please can u make one with all the rubber gloves u have

Chels. Beau says:

Please do bleach and pinesol original

Golden Luffa says:

I love how you use a lot of product! In other ASMR chanels they don’t, you make the greatest videos ❤

ASMR Scrub Delight says:

Can do a video explaining what cleansers to NOT mix together to avail a toxic chemical mix?? I always wanted to do a bleach video.but since it doesn’t suds up.i wanna mix it with something but I’m afraid of causing toxic fumes and harming myself

Glenn Nesmith says:


sportluver98 says:

You should do bleach videos more often it’s always nice to see something a little different 🙂 love all your videos !

Sam Holman says:

i hate bleach xxxxxxxxxxxxx

ASMR Sounds272115 says:

Was the bleach smell super strong?

Nena Ramos says:

Were did u get that smiley face sponge ?

I Don't Know Elisa says:

I have arrived this is amazing!

Angie's ASMR says:

Absolutely love this vid! But what is that beep or clanging sound? So distracting hun.

Cute Blonde Angel says:

Isn’t the smell annoying?

Samantha L. says:

your channel is growing so fast! you deserve it because your videos are so well done 🙂 squeezing sponges to get bubbles usually gives me anxiety but when you do it its relaxing trigger for me. i appreciate you and your content!

Jamie Haprer says:

I think this the first time me see some one do bleach play !! Love it!!

Sherkia Stokes says:

Love the video ❤️❤️can you do a bleach in ajax two cans nexts video

valerie wiggins says:

Damn I know that smelled good.

Punah T says:

is this my request, or someone else? because its very similar to what i ask XD

i love jungwoo™ says:

What is comet?

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