Save Tons of Money & Still Have a Sparkling Clean Pool: 10 Money Saving Tips


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In this video I cover several aspects of how to save money while maintaining your pool. The cost of electricity and chemicals can punch large holes in your monthly budget.

I know what it is like to try to save money and then have Murphy show up and sock you in the gut. We have been on a journey the last several year to become Debt Free! To read more about that click on this link:!how-to-become-debt-free/c1es5

More on Tip #1 & 2
I talk about running your pool just one cycle per day. You will need to know your pool size so here is a video on how to calculate it:

Calculate your pool volume (how many gallons):

Here is the bet flow meter on the market today:
FlowVis® Flow Meter – H2flow Review & Overview:

You will also need to know your pump’s flow rate. Here is a link to a cheat sheet listing most pool pumps by brand and hp and flow rate:

You also need to factor in Total Dynamic Head (TDH) – resistance to flow. Here is a good write up on it:

Basically I knock off 20- 30 gallons per minute depending on the filter type and how far the pool is from the skimmer. Most flow rates are calculated with the pump 20 ft from the skimmer.

Not really very complicated. You can save $20-$50 a month on your electric bill by simply lowering your pump run time.

More on Tip #3:
Getting a good test kit will eliminate your need to run to the pool store each week and in doing so you will eliminate impulse buying and guilt buying, “well they tested my water so I should by this at least…”

Test Kit Comparison: Which Kit is the Best?:
Taylor Complete FAS-DPD Pool Water Test Kit K-2006:

More on Tip #4:
Using the BBB Method is a good way to save lots of money on chemical cost and to also avoid the expensive shocks and products found at your local pool store. For example a 1 lb bag of Cal-Hypo 73% shock is not any stronger than one gallon of 8.75% Clorox Bleach. And it is at least $2.00 more in price. You will also find Alkalinity Up (it is just Baking Soda in a fancy bag) to be twice the price or more of just plain Baking Soda…

Here is the BBB Method Playlist-

The BBB Method of Pool Care:

More on Tip #5:
Keeping your pool clean is essential. Leaves, organic debris and dirt all use up the Chlorine in the water faster. So keeping the surface and the bottom clean is important. Also, keeping the skimmer free of debris will allow the pool to run better.

How to Clean Your Pool Skimmer Basket:

Playlist covering Skimming and Vacuuming your pool:

Pool Guy (Gal) Basic Training Series:

More on Tip #6:
So the upfront cost of an Automatic cleaner is a bit high, but the benefits are great if you get the correct cleaner. It will help pick up leaves and dirt and save you time also -and time is money. Plus it will make maintaining your pool easier and that will go a long way in easing the frustration of owning a pool.

Automatic Cleaners on my Route, the Best of 2014:

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Dominique Hardie says:

Is it OK to shock your pool more than once a week if your bringing it back from being green? My water is still quite green after shocking it, the next day there’s zero chlorine count. Cleaned out the cartridge filters and the pH is good, running pump for 24 hours plus added algecide.Thanks.

rikilii says:

There are downsides to the BBB method.

1. Bleach is not the cheapest form of chlorine. Tabs and powdered shock are about the same cost per unit of chlorine if you don’t buy them at a pool supply store.

2. Bleach raises your pH, so you might have to use more acid to keep in in the right zone.

3. 1 gal plastic bottles are bad for the environment.

4. Bleach has no stabilizer, so it doesn’t stay in your pool very long.

In my opinion, it’s better to use a mix of liquid chlorine, tablets, and powdered shock to maintain a good balance of stabilizer, pH, and mineral content.

Also, go to a pool supply store that sells liquid chlorine in returnable 2.5 or 5 gallon carboys, so you’re not sending so many 1 gallon plastic bottles to the landfill.

Kevr says:

5:14….. That’s a NICE pool, why such a cheap, clunky, loud cleaner? Can’t you talk the customer into a nice robot?

Sue Ciullo says:

I just discovered your channel and THANK YOU! Your videos are very helpful! We have a condition that nobody has been able to diagnose. Sand is coming into our pool from the filter output. It seems to be hooked up right, but this keeps happening. Do you have any videos on this type of problem?

Ron W says:

One tip I found useful from a pool company~ to stop the smaller debris from going through the skimmer basket and into the filter where it’s a lot harder to clean out, just put  panty hose over the basket (leaving most of the top of the basket clear of course) and tie the hose off so it doesn’t get sucked down into the piping. I generally pull the hose up from the bottom up the outside and tie it off to the metal bar/handle going across the skimmer basket. Has saved me tons of time cleaning all the tiny bits of debris that clogs the filter. Also cuts down the frequency that the filter has to be cleaned.

The Tte says:

The Pool Whisperer. Awesome stuff. New pool owner loving this video, moving on to BBB video.

Ramesh Sridevi Eng Works says:

my pool pump is not working any tips?

MeisterSexy11 says:

I’m wondering if your dog swims in your pool as well?? I have a dog that loves to swim and would want him to enjoy it with me but in curious if it’s safe for him to go with the chemicals in the pool. and if I do decide to let him in how will that impact the maintenance of the pool?? thank you in advance.

Marco Mennucci says:

I have a 17,000 gallon pool and a 1.5hp pump. How long should I run my pump?

alatariel001 says:

Can you just drain the pool out and turn off the motors during winter?

Steven Dunn says:

Literally every thing he says is wrong. 360 is not a booster pump cleaner.

Andre Cali says:

I want to appreciate for showing this that I can save bunch of money Thank’s lots

Joseph Haupt says:

For the paragraph at 0:35 seconds, it should read that 1 kWh means using 1000 Watts for one hour. The way it’s phrased isn’t correct. It says 1000 Watts used during one hour. Watts are not “used”; it’s not an amount of energy. Watt is a unit a power, which measures an energy demand, i.e. energy per time. A Watt is a Joule/second. Essentially, Wattage measures an instantaneous snap shot of energy demand.

1 kWh is equivalent to a demand of 1 kW for an hour. This is 1000 Watts for an hour, or 1000 J/s for an hour. There are 3600 seconds in an hour, thus a kWh is 3,600,000 Joules.

MrZiggy400 says:

What type of waterproof gloves do you use?

Tpayne52283 says:

Do all of these tips, including recommended chemicals apply to pools with liners as well?

Paul king says:

your pool pump and set up is outdated .newer pumps are energy efficient cost less to run .

velvetpaws999 says:

First off, I really think that if anybody is so tight on the money that saving about 300 per year makes a big difference, they should not have a pool. Having a pool does cost money, but it should not stress its owners financially.
I run my pump 365 days a year, I never empty my pool, it stays full even in the winter when covered. I never shock it, either, as I keep maintaining it year round. In the winter, when the pool cover is over it, I just slow down the frequency of servicing it with chlorine and enzymes to once per month.
There is no need to constantly monitor the chemical levels. Your pool won’t change from one week to the next, it is pretty much always the same in values. I know, because for the first three years, I did monitor it meticulously every day, and my written lists of numbers showed it was constant. So, now I know that it needs about four pounds of Alkalinity up per week, and five 3″ chlorine tablets per week. That goes for a 15,000 gal pool (16 x 32 foot), and with mostly two adults swimming it, plus the handful of summer parties, where maybe 20 people will be in it for a few hours. I never need to give it pH lowering chemicals at all.
Alkalinity up is accomplished with Baking soda from Aldi, the cheapest supplier for this item at 40 cents/pound! I have not tried liquid chlorine, as the tablets work just fine.

William Flores says:

*PLEASE READ* I’m a huge fan of your channel. you helped me a lot, I have my own pool route in socal, I have a question for you. one of my pools PH drops on its own. I have to add pH plus every other month. do you know why this is happening?

THAMER_XD _Xd says:

الله يلعن امك

Augusto Lugo says:

Thanks in Advance for your help @-MrDgvb1

FoxFreak says:

Hi – My pool in AZ is 12,500 gallons (according to the builder – Shasta Pools) and I only run my pump for 3 hours every night and my pool is crystal clear and my chems are all good according to Leslie’s (I know that place is expensive, but the tests are free!!)….what does this mean? I am lucky? My pump is a single stage 1 hp. old school type that I just had rebuilt. ANd I am running a sand filter.

Robert Scalchi says:

This guy is great and I’ve seen his other videos for numerous years, but the tonality of his voice just gets on my nerves, so monotone, same speed, and matter of fact like a robot. Then again I’ve heard myself talk on playback and I ve sounded something like this guy…lol.. I guess we all go into the fast-talking geek mode sometimes. But I love the fact that he is so detailed and considerate.

Carlos Carpinteyro says:

I’ve watched several of your videos. In my mind you are an expert. Your audio description, and camera work are excellent!

Vicente E says:

your house is bad ass

Fayke Vagabond says:

‘enegey’ cost

Saint Michael says:


machia0705 says:

So baking soda raises alkalinity and borax lowers it? Thank you in advance.
I’m in NJ and just completely rebuilt an unground from 1968 that has been out of service for 20 years. Enormous project, but should get liner in 10 days.
Finally can take a swim !

blackdog196 says:

It seems like you overuse gloves- and it’s kind of creepy. Just sayin’

ElenaDiakova says:

how about investing in an ozone generator(corona discharge type) to cut down on the use of sanitizer?

MrDboydeluxe says:

What speed (rpm) and how many hours would you recommend for a VSP? 1500 or 2350. no pool sweep, or heater, 25K Gal. pebbletech finish.

John Stephens says:

I am having constant issue with high Cyanuric Acid levels every season, any suggestions? Also, can you use an off-line auto chlorinator with your BBB method?

Damon Sisk says:

Thank you!!! Planning on installing a pool, and these tips should help reduce the maintenance costs. Any tips when selecting pool options to minimize costs?

Averageskill says:

I live in So-Calif. I’m a plumbing contractor. Every pool professional I talk to has a different idea on how to maintain a pool. My 33k gallon pool gets 6-8 hrs pump run time winter/summer. Polaris 360, clean filter when approaching 20 lbs filter pressure. Balance chlorine, acid and conditioner weekly. I did not drain my pool for about 5 years during our 7 year drought. Couldn’t balance my chems because I didn’t know there was a way to balance my conditioner (locked my chlorine?) till about a week ago after having my pool Acid Washed. Pool (17 yrs old) looks great again. Can’t get the kids or wife to brush the pool, ever. What else do I need to do to keep my pool looking good?

Aisha wasti says:

you know what chlorine makes you black
can we use something else

Google User says:

Thanks, very good imfo, I cant’ wait to see whats my electric bill will be, and also saving money on the chemicals.

Chris Archer says:

Thanks for the Tips, is there anything Borax cant do? That shit is amazing

Steven Dunn says:

In Texas 1 cycle a day is not enough.

chosenone4447 says:

If you are in hot and dry weather, does it make sense to put a pool cover to have less evaporation? Or would that just heat the pool even more and therefore cause more evaporation?

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