OMG. Today I’m testing out a weird beauty product – The Blackhead vacuum suction device! Ever wanted to suck out all your blackheads in one go?? Well I’m trying it! It’s a pretty ‘wtf’ product that kinda needs to be seen to believed.

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Products used:

Comedo Suction – http://amzn.to/2mzo9hD

Camera – Canon 80D
Lens – Tamron 24-70mm
Editing – Adobe Premiere Pro
Music – Provided by No Copyright Sounds

TOBU – https://soundcloud.com/7obu

Tobu – Candyland

Tobu Roots – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wNb0pHyGuI

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b says:

I would bust a load all in your hair

Mmmm good says:

This girl is a fucking moron

Ynnlarcron says:

Hahahaha it gave you kissmarks for whole month! 😀

Kropotkin Mr says:

You must use SanFlix’s ” Yelow Centaury Soap “

Pheobe Cullen says:

Ur meant to move it around when it’s on ur face

ღ Allisøn ღ says:

She looks pretty without make up tbh.. Remember the video ‘You Look Disgusting’?
I think she’s getting prettier~~~

Mia Nardi says:

Did you steam your face ? It might help the process a little bit

Gregh Alcomendras says:


Purple Jayde says:

for stuff like that, i feel like you really need to steam your face beforehand to open up the pores

SephoraCrown says:

I thought it was just me lol. I got the same thing from eBay for 16.99 and man it hurts and does a little job! Shit. My face became all reddish and also in a lot of pains. Had to stop! I don’t even know if I will keep on using it. It’s so painful.

Karen Sue Pohlmeier says:

I have this device and it didn’t hurt me at all. I wonder if your skin is more delicate than mine is?

desireevankuyk says:

Watching this annoyed me so much. If you’re not sure how to use it, search the internet for info instead of just doing random shit and putting it up on youtube. Yeez inform yourselves. Steam your face for 10mins before and move it around. Don’t leave it on one spot. How did you not expect bruises if you leave it on for so long? How do hickeys form??

James Sheridan says:

You are an idiot!… waste of time watching this! You are supposed to steam your face first to open the pores!!

Luka Paunović says:

You don’t have blackheads omg

Gracie Roo says:

You have to push up to get the stuff out.

Apple Man says:


Wayne deRuiter says:

you should let your face softened by cleansing first and steam to open your skin pores and never do it without doing cleansing and steam..

Saucey Pants says:

I new it was BS, thanks!

M Aladawi says:

Should I steam my face first or does it make no difference?

SantaRita805 says:

God damn, women look horrendous without makeup sometimes. Eyes looking putrid. Skin all blotchy and pimply. Makeup is a facade…

Yan Ninn says:

I think you should delete the video and try it out for a week .. & I kept skipping through it but I did hear you say to do a circular motion and you didn’t even do that at all . Also , instead of going to medium why didn’t you just start doing it lightly instead of damaging your skin . Tbh I’m just going to go through your videos and see if your skin is getting better or not but I feel like it should work if you read the instructions. I saw another video were another person had warn everybody else to do it before you sleep because YOUR FACE WILL GET RED . BUT.. it does work .

The Outdoors says:

Jesus christ get out side once in a while

J B28 says:

dumb blonde

Sindee Barney says:

Thank you! I was actually on the derma suction site ready to buy. So glad I watched your video. Leave a bruise update!

Codesmatodes says:

I don’t know how I got here but this is the best thing I’ve ever seen on youtube please just suck your face with a real vacuum.. I would watch

zipporah kyah says:

you didnt open up your pores. or move it around when you did it. it definitely works you just didnt do it right

BLU Tube says:

She should have just stopped because she definitely has chin hickies

Vane D says:

Your eyes/smile/accent!!! <3 I went from how to trouble shoot my computer to this! Ahh YouTube!

Adeplays_ the_ukulele says:

2:30 is where it really starts

Laura Valdez says:

Videos like this piss me off because they don’t even follow the instructions like mist your face with warm water to open your pores and slow slide it downwards not keep it in one place like a fool!

Frank Bishop says:

I thought the directions indicated you were to wash your face in warm water, then apply a warm to hot washcloth to your face for three to five minutes to open your pores. I did not see you do that. Opening the pores could have a dramatic impact on how well the device works.

Emilia Venka says:

Do you have Ehlers-Danlos? If you haven’t heard of it, you might want to be evaluated for it. I’ve been watching your videos and noticed you have some of the features. Thanks for all you do! My translucent skin is grateful!

Dib Arabi says:

Hhhhhhhhhh very nic

David Font says:

This should be titled “An iPhone owner tries to use technology” LoL!

Catherine Wilson says:

Too silly.

Katerina Oleinik says:

It’s looking so painfully

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