The Quick And Easy Way To Bleach Weave

Hey Guys, I get a lot of questions about how to bleach hair so I though I would do a quick tutorial, this is not the Professional way to bleach hair but it works well for me when your in a rush !
The products I use are:
Maxim Rapid Hair Bleach – Blue
Truzone Cream Peroxide – volume 40, 12%
Adore – Raspberry Twist

Thanks for Watching I hope you find this useful !

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If there are any other Tutorials you would like to see please just comment down below. x

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Antoinette LovesLife says:

WHAT IS THE BEST HAIR TO USE? I like to dye it about three times in a year

Rose Blake says:

What hair is this you were working with sir?

Gabriel Williams says:

Can u make a how to install a frontal video

Kesan McKenzie says:

Would love to see a tutorial on installing a closure.

Awuraama Bruce says:

Tips for taking care of bleached hair please. How did y retain moisture and the lesture ?

Shaianne M says:

What did you wash the bleach off with

casciss says:

Really ? I need to bleach it then dye it black ? Thanks so much x x

Taye says:

Please do a wig tutorial – one with a lace closure. Thanks xx

Special Kay xox says:

Nice! Will u do an about me or FAQ one day? It’ll be cool to know more about I n ir channel! Much love xox

Dorothy Smith says:

how do I dye black weave hair with Revlon box dye for the color change to the color I want I bought Revlon red to dye my black weave what it use to develop color

ayo njie says:

how do i get in contact, i would love to get my hair done by you. you’re really talented 

selina davidson says:

could I do the San with alcohol please answer

ann slavv says:

super great info….

gigi j-l says:

hahahahhaa “virgin hair…obviously” 

Ngiama Gladie says:

I love it . So What if i want to bleach my hair Grey?

sonja Blossom says:

I am so glad that I came cross your  video Thank you for sharing..xoxo it

Lisa Jenkins says:

this doesn’t matter at all and its super random but i wanted to know if you were gay. i don’t mean to be embarrassing :/ lol

kiara lewis says:

how do you detangle the hair ?

Teeyah Wana says:

I bleached my Brazilian but came out a brown chestnut colour and wouldn’t go any darker. Should I do the process again?

Tamoya Hutchins says:

I have the same colors in my hair!! I ombre’d  my hair with violet gem and purple rage

Alexis Hilson says:

This was quick and simple I loved it

Platinum771 says:

what toner do you recommend for brassy blondes?

Jojo Bee says:

Asoon as I feel like going blonde you upload this video! So helpful! Xx

OriginalMissTee says:

Listen here, I just wasted 2hrs of my life trying to figure out how to dye my bundles this specific colour. I saved vids telling me to go out and buy unnecessary products. Meanwhile you’ve answered all my questions 3 years ago. Bruv!! Lol. THANK YOU!! Much appreciated

Coleen M says:

PHILIP FRIKKIN ERIC! I’m seriously loving you right now. I need you to be my hair stylist xx

1979meesh says:

Thank you for this video exactly what I needed to know!

metyjo says:

I wasted about an hour of my life and watched about 7 videos on bleaching weave to finally filter to yours. This video was short and to the point and answered all of my questions. I love you right now!! Thank you so much for sharing.

The Corner says:

Can I use 50 developer?

Kar_allthingshair On IG says:

Thank you

Chrissy bales says:

Love it boo x

Japanstylez Salon says:

Hi it’s Japanstylez what song is this

Vanessa Petit says:

Do we need to shampooing the hair after bleaching it and apply the color that you want ?or we can just apply the color after the bleaching had dry?

Elo Dav says:

Please where can I find this product?

DijonandDiamond C says:

How can I get hair that looks how this hair looked when you bleached it to go a caramel brown? Should I use an adore brown?

christabella201 says:

love love love this…. I’m going to be trying this..I wanna do a green or gray!

Asa Olsen says:


KurlyKai says:

Please do a tutorial on the three part lace closure.

tay x says:

you have an english accent but do you live in the u.s ?

Angelina Hernandez says:

I bleached my black hair extensions… an it turned to a brown… I already rinsed it out. should I do it again ? to go lighter??

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