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Does Soft Scrub Toilet Care with Bleach really work? I bought the Alpine Fresh scent for $1.98 at WalMart and tried it. The 4-in-1 toilet care system contains two balls of detergent that leaves a few bubbles and a slight scent and two balls of bleach that disinfect and have a very mild bleach scent.

More information: Alpine Scent
Lemon Scent
Sapphire Waters Scent

The Soft Scrub Toilet Cleaner claims to clean toilet, prevent future buildup, fight toilet ring, and freshen for up to 4 weeks.

This video shows the results from one month’s use. I am happy and surprised to report that even after one month’s use, the Soft Scrub Toilet Care with Bleach DID work! I have hard water that leaves a hard water ring in the toilet. Additionally, the toilet bowl gets spots of mold if not scrubbed once a week. In this video, I show the dirty toilet bowl, demonstrate how I clean it, install the Soft Scrub Toilet Care with Bleach, and show checkpoints during the month. At no time during the month did the toilet bowl accumulate any stains, mold, mildew, hard water rings, or any debris! I am extremely pleased with the performance of the Soft Scrub Toilet Care with Bleach and will keep them in our toilets from now on. No scrubbing toilets is great!
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Donmueangthong says:

Good job !!

Isr Strategies says:

I am with you one of my biggest peeves in a dirty toilet.

Kaine Beverton says:

In Billy Mays voice…….The Power is in The Balls

Kim Townsel says:

Yikes! I misspelled toilet in the title caption. Terrible speller, I am and thought I had double-checked. Regardless, this product works!!!

five flames says:

I’m definitely gonna try this out.
But now I’m wondering how to make cleaning the shower and tub easier. Any cleaning products you would recommend for that? Do you have a video on the subject? Maybe you could do 1?
I do appreciate your channel and you HAVE made my life better! And more interesting. Thx for all your hard work and dedication. And thx for all of your good ideas. You are full of them! And thx for always making my coffee taste a little sweeter. ❤️

Hannah Gilmer says:

Interesting! Thanks for sharing. I like The Works toilet bowl cleaner. It took me sometime to find one that I liked with our toilets at our house that we have now due to mineral deposits that form. None of the tablets etc would even help prevent the deposits. Within a week we would see build up. I haven’t had these problems at our previous places we have lived over the years.I am going to have to try these.

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