What Bleach Do I Use to do my House Wash / Pressure Wash Jobs

This is the Bleach / Sodium Hydrochlorite I use when doing a house wash / Pressure wash job. Please consider donating either publicly or anonymously to the St Jude Children’s Research Hospital: http://heroes.stjude.org/dansdailyvlog
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Jeremy says:

Hey Dan, if you like 12.5% I got an awesome place here in Ga to get it for WAY cheaper than you are paying for the 10.5%. I found it for $1.89 per gallon.

Abu Ibraheem Al Amreeki says:

I was always told not to run bleach through your pressure washer. That it would ruin it somehow.

Bahr Industries says:

have you ever tried simple green type products in pressure washers? perhaps for concrete etc?

john w says:

I was looking for the walmart pool essentials 10%…but all gone… but home depot had the HDX ones package 2 gallon package for $6-7…and its 10% which is stocked all the time…tons of it.

Mark's Reviews and RANTS says:

You are talking about me ha ha ha I did know there was different strengths until you said this.

Matthew Shimmel says:

Dan how far should I open the valve on my injector? 10.5%

Ken Quesenberry says:

If I’m correct, a downstream injector mixes the solution to about a 10:1 ration(ratio), so by the time you put 10 gallons of water out the nozzle you’ve also put 1 gallon of bleach out with it(which is pretty strong= GOOD, if you’re using 10.5%). There are probably differences in volume between different set ups, but that’s close I think.

Bernie Smith says:

If your bleach is too strong will kill shrubs and grass

Nathan says:

I can’t seem to.find this stuff on the internet for sale any Were any information were to find it online ?

huejam1 says:

Hey Dan love all the videos you post and they are very informative, I’m starting a part time pressure washing business and I understand that the 10% works great on a down stream injector for siding, gutters, walk ways ect. but would this be ok to use on a asphalt shingle roof with the common algae problems?
Thank You

John White says:

Hi Dan, I’ve learnt so much from watching your videos. I am only looking to wash my own house and family houses, not run a business. I’m using a small pressure washer like this, https://www.mitre10.co.nz/shop/nilfisk-compact-electric-waterblaster/p/288726 . This washer as hopefully you can see from the link has a small  mixer bottle of approx 1/4 a gallon that is down stream (it actually goes on the end of the lance) . Searching for bleach in our local stores, here in New Zealand, and I can only find “Super Concentrate” at 5.75% or pool bleach at 13.75%. From this video the 13.75% sounds extremely powerful. Would I still mix this 50/50 with water or should I go 25/75 to make it a bit weaker and see how it goes? I will certainly be very careful mixing that strength of bleach.

Dani Dani says:

can i use sodium hypochlorite for roof title ?

Fred Solomon says:

do the 10.5 percent mess up your clothes

JPL Florida says:

I have the same setup as you in the back of my truck and just filled up my tank for 90 cents per gallon of 12.5%. I have the adjustable downstream injector you recommended so I figure I will keep it almost closed when drawing from the tank and open little by little until I find the sweet spot of water to SH ratio.

Happilyretiredmark says:

Dan, Do you mix at the ratios listed on the 15 gallon jug you showed?

TheGravygun says:

Hey Dan i get 12% for 32.00 for 15 gal jugs here in Myrtle Beach.Question will this stuff dull vinyl siding?

Kosta Papanicolas says:

wouldn’t diluting the 12% bleach 50/50 with water cut it down to 6% bleach ?? how would that mix still be as strong as the straight 10% ?? I am using 10% but can get the 12% cheap I just don’t want to over dilute or under dilute..

Jeremy says:

And you can get it in 5 gal buckets so no fooling with 500lb drums!!

Lukhaz Perez says:

Im still confuse on the steps, do I first power wash with soap then with the bleach then rinse? Or bleach, soap and rinse?

texastalk says:

hey Dan I been watching your videos a lot lately I’m trying to start my power washing business and I had a question for you the local pool supply store near me only had 12.5% Sh when I went by so I bought it but I’m really nervous about using it cause how strong it is could u give some advice on how to use it properly where I wont cause any damage I have a 4000 psi 3.5 gpm north star pressure washer and it’s able to down stream if that would assist you any in assisting me thanks a lot In advance brother and keep up the great work

John Lange says:

This is where I get confused. With the 10.5 do you dilute it 50/50 and then run in thru your down stream injector? Or does running it straight thru the down stream injector cause it do dilute its self when mixing with your 4gpm pressure washer. Thanks

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